George@ ASDA bargain cult products?

In these ‘credit crunch’ times there has been a big surge in bargain basement make-up brands releasing products similar to the more expensive top labels. A prime example of this is ASDA’s George make-up range, who have released a couple of products that are distinctly similar to cult classics YSL Touche Eclat and Benefit Benetint.

There is the belief that all products are the same, and the only difference is the packaging, but the thing that is important to remember is that products are more expensive because they are made up of higher pigmentation, finer textures, top quality ingredients and more research that has made them as good as their reputation. This is not to discredit their cheaper counterparts, who will also have a significant amount of research to make them as similar to the top brands, but to cut cost something has to give.

I have tried the two ASDA George products and have a mixed opinion of them. The George highlighting pen (£3.50) is pretty good, the texture is light enough for the under-eye area and does offer a good level of coverage. This is a good product for popping in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.

The Liquid Cheek Tint (£3.00) on the other hand was not a good experience. Firstly, if you do try this product then make sure you do so in the bathroom, with no fabrics that can stain around. The tint leaked all over the place, and doesn’t remove easily (especially from finger tips!) The tint is awkward to apply with the small nail-varnish like brush but this is a problem for the Benefit version too. The stain was a nice colour but very difficult to blend, and once it is on it isn’t going anywhere- so practice when you have no-where to go or else you may end up looking like you have a bizarre rash. If you are new to using liquid cheek tints then this could be a good way to practice and introduce yourself to the application techniques, without shelling out huge piles of cash.

Cheek tint application tip: try applying by tipping a little (very little) onto a make up sponge, and dabbing onto cheeks, avoid applying with the brush it comes with- you will have to be pretty special with make-up to manage to make it look good!


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