Yes To Carrots: No to ugly hands!

Yes To Carrots’ is a totally paraben-free range of products that utilises nature’s best kept beauty secrets: Dead Sea mud and minerals, along with organic fruits and vegetables bursting with Beta-Carotene, a natural form of Vitamin A. All produce used in Yes To Carrots is sourced from certified organic farmers.
Yes To Carrots Pampering Hand and Nail Spa is an oil based hand scrub that does a really good job at sloughing of any dead skin from your hands (and feet if you like). The product smells really good.
A couple of tips for use, make sure you mix the scrub up really well as it has a tendency for the scrub to settle at the bottom. Don’t use the scrub if you have nail polish on, it will be ruined. If the scrub does settle whilst your scrubbing your hands, then stick your fingers into the pot for an extra moisturising boost. Personally I needed to follow the scrub with a hand cream as my skin did feel a little dry, but once moisturised my skin felt smooth and lovely.
One final tip, make sure you screw the lid on really tight when you are finished- the oil can cause havoc with wooden floors if it leaks!
Later in 2009 there will be a couple of new products added to the Yes range- Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Cucumbers. I am already looking forward to the Yes To Cucumber range.
Available from Debenhams and select Boots stores nationwide and online at,

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