Skin wonders for stopping shine

Summer is fantastic, the sun and the warmth just makes everything seem warm and rosy, but the downside is that the lovely warmth is that it does have a tendency to make skin greasier, and the heat can make make-up slide off. Of course some skin types – greasy and combination – can have this problem to deal with all year round but summer can bring it out the face-slick in even the mattest of skin.

To tackle the shiny-face syndrome (that is a medical term….) you can do a number of things:

1. Get rid of shine with make-up.

2. Use skin care to absorb oil throughout the day.

3. Use skin care to balance the skin and treat the problem.

For each of these methods of getting rid of the shine I have tested a range of products and here are my favorites:

1. Shine-control make-up

No7 Shine Free Make-up base (£10 from Boots)

The No7 Shine Free base offers serious mattifying power, the white cream is fairly thick and has to be rubbed/blended in quickly or you risk it creating a white layer that resembles tooth-paste residue. But once rubbed in this base really does banish the shine all day long.

It can be work alone or under make-up so is ideal for warmer months when most people tend to simplify their make-up routine.

2. Skin-care to control

Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser (£3.99 from Boots/Superdrug)

The Simple moisturiser contains Zinc to absorb oil and a natural anti-bacterial to help reduce blemishes. The best thing about this moisturiser is how fresh and light it feels and it does mattify skin and keep it less-shiny than normal. This is a great product for combination skins year round as it moisturises AND controls oil, so you get the best of both worlds.

3. Treat the problem

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier (£32.38 from – 15% off RRP!

Dermalogica is skin care system researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, so it is no surprise that the range is renowned for fantastic results. The Clearing Mattifier contains 2% salicylic acid, this active ingredient is a keratolytic that causes the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, which prevents pores from clogging up.

Oil and water free, the solution contains organic silicones which melt easily into skin to smooth and create a matte effect that lasts all day, with the added bonus of disguising fine lines. Only a tiny amount of product is needed to mattify, so although this isn’t a cheap option it will last all through summer (and beyond).

Crystal Clear Skincare No Shine Serum (£42

Like the Dermalogica product, Crystal Clear No Shine Serum contains salicylic acid to treat the cause of overly-greasy skin rather than just mask it. The unique formulation combines a brilliant sebum-loving blend of active ingredients that combat surface oil, lightly quench the skin and help tighten open pores. Salicylic acid, a tried-and-tested acne-fighting ingredient, provides anti-bacterial protection and energy-generating Tourmaline revives skin radiance.

This is a lighter, more fluid solution than the Dermalogica one, so if you want something that treats the problem and also moisturises then this is ideal. With the added radiance boosters then this is a great product for summer days, and it even smells of oranges- yum.

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