Fruity beauty: M&S Sweet Lips lip gloss

Marks and Spencers (M&S) have a fab and fruity collection of lip glosses that only cost a credit-crunching fabulous £2.50. The best thing about the glosses (other than the price) is that the taste and texture is really similar to more expensive brands, such as Lancome’s cult ‘Juicy Tubes’. Available in strawberry, grape, sorbet, orange fizz, pink ice and sun glow- I got to try out the yummy strawberry flavour.
The strawberry version is good enough to eat and kind-of reminds me of strawberry flavour pick-and-mix sweets. The gloss is non-sticky and lasts fairly well but is packed with glitter, which is a bit of a pet-hate of mine.

It’s a personal choice thing, but I prefer my lip products (and generally, all of my make-up) glitter free. Luckily though, despite the fact that the tube looks like a 13-year-old’s make-up bag exploded inside, the M&S gloss contains really fine particles and on application the glitter isn’t at-all obvious and actually looks pretty good, creating an even, all-over shimmer.
But just a point for though, why are there so many lip glosses out there that seem to think glitter is a good look, especially those that contain just a couple of large chunks of glitter- how is that going to look good? Is it because us girls are meant to be attracted to shiny things so a bit of glitter is going to make us want to buy these products more?!
To see a ‘real life’ pic of the lip gloss click here

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