Tried and tested: make-up removers

Putting on make-up is the fun bit, but of course you have to get it off at some point too. To make the boring part of make-up as quick and easy as possible then you need a decent make-up remover. Many products claim to remove make-up, but are about as effective as rubbing your face with coal. Below are my opinions on three of the best make-up removers that I have tried.

Caudalie Paris Cleansing Water (£14)

Caudalie Cleansing Water is one of those products that make me wonder if someone has just stuck some water into some fancy packaging and marketed it to beauty-suckers, like myself. But it isn’t, it is actually a really effective cleanser that can be used all over the face and eyes to remove make-up, effectively ridding the face of all traces of slap. I’m not sure what the magic is that the Caudalie people put in the water, but I like it- it leaves the skin as clean as with soap, and as fresh as with toner.

No7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up Remover (£6.90)

Double action eye-maker remover that effectively strips off even the toughest eye make-up. This does such a good job of getting rid of make-up that I was actually shocked to see what my eyes looked like with absolutely NO make-up on, as I was so used to leaving traces of eye-liner and mascara stubbornly stuck to my lashes. The pump action dispenser also means you have control over the amount you use, making it last longer than most removers.

Yes to Carrots Eye and Face Make-up Remover (£6.99)

This is the only cream cleanser that I have chosen to include in the list of favorite make-up removers (I like variety) and for good reason. Many cream cleansers are simply not that effective, but Yes to Carrots does a really good job getting rid of all make-up, including the difficult bits around the eyes. The creamy texture leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised- like cleanser and moisturiser rolled into one carrot filled package.


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