Mineral Make-up: Proto-Col

The trend for mineral make-up continues, with every brand launching their own mineral line to varying success. I have tried a few different mineral foundations, both powder and minerals and can vouch for the fact that there is a huge range in the texture, quality and results of different formulations.
The most recent testing experience I have had is with Proto-Col’s mineral starter kit (£34.20 from the website). The starter kit is the ideal way to test out different ways of using mineral shades in ways other than just as foundation. The kit comes with a foundation (available in four shades), a blusher (in Rose or Cinnamon) a finishing powder and best of all- a fabulous kabuki brush to apply it all with.
Proto-Col’s formulas are the finest-ground powder minerals I have tried, especially the finishing powder. Using a kabuki brush to apply the minerals is the best way to get an even and glowing complexion. As the starter kit pots are quite small this was a little awkward as the pots are smaller than the brush so it was a little fiddly to load the brush with enough product to get the desired amount of coverage. I found tapping the product into the lids made this easier.
My favorite piece in the kit is the mineral finishing powder and have taken to using this as a finisher to other bases as helps to ‘set’ make-up, leaving skin semi-matte and even. The kabuki brush that is part of the set is also really useful for applying bronzer, so well worth the investment just for that!

Summer is the ideal time to start testing out mineral make-up as it lets skin breathe and helps to keep skin from becoming an oil slick in the heat.

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