The scent of a teenager….Impulse Romantic Spark

Impulse was one of the brands that I took my first foray into the world of beauty with, so I will always have fond memories of it’s scent.

Romantic Spark is the newest scent in the range but despite this, one spritz and the memory-evoking scent still brings back images from my teenage years and in the blink of an eye I smell like I am 13 again.

The smell isn’t at all offensive, with a mixture of wild violet and ‘white wood’ Romantic Spark smells really sweet and young. The smell is fresh and would be a good bargain (only £1.74 from most shops, and only £1 at Tesco till 15/07) for freshening up your self and your tent in festival season.
Having tested out Romantic Spark the conclusion I have come to is that your sense of smell changes and develops over time, and I will just have to face the fact that I am not a teenager anymore.

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