e.l.f. studio: mixed review

As I’m sure most of you know, e.l.f. studio range launched recently in the UK (has been available in the US for a while). The much anticipated range launched to HUGE blog/twitter hype so, like many, I had high expectations for the products when they arrived.
In general, I certainly wasn’t disappointed, although a couple of the products did fall a tad short of my expectations- the majority of them (that I have tried) are fantastic and amazing value. But as I said, some have been a bit of a let down so below I will split them into Love and Not Love (much less severe than hate).

The Loves:

The Complexion Brush
I won this brush through watch OxfordJasmine’s broadcast on blogTV last Thursday. It arrived yesterday and I’m really impressed- the brush is soft, easy to use and delivers the perfect amount of face powder. The flat design of the brush also makes contouring easy (no mean feat!) I love it! Plus I’m considering buying a few more brushes from the range…

The Warm Bronzer
I had to try this after seeing Lollipop26’s review on YouTube which compared it to MAC mineralise skin finish in ‘Refined’. Now, I don’t have the MAC product but more than happy with the £3.50 dupe! The powder is very soft and silky, with pretty bronze shades that flatter most skin tones and just a light amount of shimmer to leave you glowing rather than looking like a glitter ball.

The Concealer/Highlighter Duo

This was the first product I decided that I wanted and when I first tried it I was actually a bit uncertain- the texture is very light and liquid, so I didn’t feel confident that it was going to effectively cover my dark circles. But when I tried it, I actually found the lighter texture was quite effective, easy to blend and surprisingly decent at concealing my lack of sleep. Because it is light I also found that over the day it doesn’t sink into my laughter lines. The highlighter is the same texture and is very subtle, so don’t expect it to leave you sheeny and glowing- it is quite subtle. I have been using it on the top of cheekbones and just below the eyebrow.
The Not-Loves:
The Cool Bronzer:

I am not a fan of this bronzer, the texture is chalky and the colours are too extreme (too dark or too light), it just doesn’t work for me. Perhaps will give it another go in the winter when a matte bronzer might be more flattering, but for now I’m shelving this one and sticking to the warm version (and considering trying the golden…)

OK, so there was only one thing that I really didn’t love…I am also slightly indifferent about the concealer pencil– the texture and coverage of this is fine, but it feels like it is wearing down very quickly so imagine it will need replacing regularly.
Best thing about the range- all products only £3.50! Also, if you are on Twitter or Facebook it is well worth becoming a fan/following as they often send out offers through these channels. Keep an eye on OxfordJasmine’s YouTube channel too- she gave out a free delivery code on her blog TV session last week (which I took full advantage of!)


  1. August 13, 2009 / 10:04 pm

    I got the golden bronzer and it is gorgeous more like a highlighter but it looks so pretty on – I would definitely recommend the brushers too I was so impressed by the complexion one

  2. August 13, 2009 / 10:08 pm

    elf products are hit and miss for me so i dont tend to buy as much [esp since its not available here in japan so i need to get friends in usa to buy it]

    but will check out ur recs next time i do buy

    RE: your twitter abt barry m, i tried their pigments and quite like em

  3. August 13, 2009 / 10:27 pm

    I bought the concealer brush (among other things…) but I really wish I picked up the complexion brush. I love the warm bronzer!

  4. August 14, 2009 / 6:45 am

    Thanks for the comments. I really love the warm bronzer and the brush, those are definately my favorites (so far!)

    Thanks for the Barry M tip- I always look but never seem to buy any. I have a lipgloss from there to test out and review but very curious about the other shades, especially the golden browns- having a bit of a gold moment!

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