Smelly things…in a good way.

I have done a couple of fragrance reviews in the past and have to say I find them quite hard to do. Fragrance is such a subjective thing, and beyond commenting on the design of the bottle it is really difficult to put into words a review of a fragrance that will apply to everyone. Despite that, I do love testing out perfumes and find that it is the best way to find your favorite- a quick spritz in a perfume shop doesn’t really cut it- it is good to be able to test out perfumes over a few days, to see how it changes and how it ‘sits’ with you, what initially smells divine, might, after a few hours make you cringe.

Anyway, enough of my fragrance musing…onto the ones I have been sniffing…

Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Tuscan Soul’– this one deserves a mention because my mum, who is notoriously adverse to most fragrances (she turns her nose up in disgust at the majority she smell) actually loved this. So much so that I have given her the tester and it has replaced her normal staple perfume (Anais Anais, if you were wondering). The perfume is a refreshing citrus/lemony scent and certainly non-offensive.

Issey Miyake ‘A Scent’ – A new launch from the Issey Miyake range, I love this smell- it is light and fresh but something about it is a bit different, almost a little bit masculine… not sure what it is, but I like it. This was by far the most gorgeous packaging of the ones listed here (hence being the picture I decided to use) very dressing-table-worthy.

Lulu ‘Time’ – I didn’t really know what to expect with this perfume, ‘time’, to me evokes thoughts of ‘age’ so somehow I connected this to meaning old…so I was expecting quite a dated perfume. In practice, this isn’t the case, the perfume is OK, quite floral and a little talcum powder-like. Not offensive, but probably not one that I would want to make it into my daily perfume collection (although the hints of talcum have grown on me).

Christina AguileraInsprire– I was really keen to test this out as Christina Aguilera perfumes are pretty much the only ‘celeb’ fragrances that I like. I have her original one and really like it. This one is not quite as impressive, the bottle looks a little cheap and the smell is a little overpowering on first sniff. This is one of the ones that is worth testing out over time though as the smell does settle so it is far more subtle and wearable.

Salvador Dali ‘Little Cherry Kiss’– This perfume is the perfect example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or don’t judge a perfume by it’s name. I wanted this to smell sweet, like cherries, but sadly it doesn’t. It does smell sweet, but is quite overpowering and reminds me of the ‘Charlie’ body sprays I drowned myself in as a teen. Very cute bottle though.

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier Woman– This is another case of don’t judge the perfume by the name, or the packaging. Fashion-wise, I’m not an Ed Hardy fan (personally, I think it’s a bit chavvy…no offense) but the perfume is actually really nice. I first smelt this in the Perfume Shop and then was sent a tester to try out and like it. It is another sweet-smelling perfume which immediately makes me think of candy floss, but for some reason I really like this.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Above are my views- take them or leave them, it’s totally up to you- but make sure you give a perfume a proper test before you hand over your cash.

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