Max Factor Lash Extension Mascara

Last Saturday I was invited to go along to the Soho Hotel for afternoon tea with some other lovely bloggers and have a nosey at the newest mascara launch from Max Factor.

Before I launch into this post, I should mention that I am a HUGE fan of the Max Factor False Lash Effect (FLE) Mascara. When I first tried this a few months ago, it really was love at first sweep. I like it so much that I recommended it to my mum and anyone who asks will probably get the same answer. Just so you know – before trying this mascara I already had a bit of a bias towards Max Factor mascara.

In fact, I don’t think I have tried anything from Max Factor that I haven’t really enjoyed. I’d love to hear what everyone else things of the brand – good or bad?

Anyway, the newest mascara is called Lash Extension Effect (LEE) – and offers a different result to FLE. LEE delivers extra length, but keeps lashes clump free and natural looking. It contains lash extending fibres apparently (afraid that’s as far as my knowledge goes) so it does help add length.

This is another one that probably is best demonstrated with pictures, so below are the before and afters.

Before- no mascara (but with eye shadow and a messy eye brow)

After- with mascara (about 3-4 coats and a still messy eye brow)

My first impressions of this mascara were that it looked good on people at the lash lounge, but when I first tried it on myself I thought it was a bit too on the natural side. But as usual, I gave it a second try and this time round I actually quite like it. But there is a condition to this – I only like it after a significant amount of coats (as in 3-5).

It does take a few coats to get a noticeable effect, but if you like a natural look then this is perfect for you. Long fluttery but natural lashes in the sweep of a wand. The wand, by the way, is really long and fine with slim bristles – so fine that it makes it really easy to get into the corners of the eye and coating the bottom lashes is easy.

At the Lash Lounge the mascara was demonstrated by celebrity make-up artist Caroline Barnes (MUA for Kylie and Cheryl Cole). Caroline shared a few tips with us on the day that I thought I would pass on…

– When applying mascara do the lower lashes first, less chance of smudging mascara onto the lid this way round.

– When shaping your eyebrows – avoid downward angles in the middle bits, this has a ‘drooping’ type of effect on features, when you want to ‘lift’.

– With mascara, make sure that the lashes sweep outwards at the side and upwards across the lid to make the most eye-opening effect.

Below is a picture of Caroline working her magic on the day on the model, who had the most amazingly long lashes naturally (not that I was jealous at all).

Sadly I didn’t manage to persuade her to turn me into the blonde Cheryl….

**The Small Print**

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  1. February 6, 2010 / 3:31 pm

    That mascara looks amazing on you! Bit of a pity it takes so much work to achieve it though =/

  2. February 10, 2010 / 12:32 pm

    Thank you! I do like it, but you’re right – it is a shame that it takes some work to get it like that. I have found myself using it for my bottom lashes though – it’s very simple for them.

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