Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara: Flash Sale!

This weekend you can get your hands on the new Benefit mascara ‘They’re Real’ before it’s properly released… to help you decide if you want it I have a little review for you…
First up, the packaging – I like it, it’s a pewter/chrome type of thing with a nice fat tube. Not that this is the most important thing, but it does look nice in a make-up bag!

Wand-wise, this is the comb style (I personally prefer the softer brush style) as I’m more likely to clumsily poke myself in the eye with the harder comb wands. As I have done a bit with this. But that being said, the ‘spokes’ are nicely separated, dense but with enough gap for the mascara liquid to sit without bulking up too much. Plus it has the extra spokes at the tip to help get right into the corners.

Results/looks wise – I like. I find that this delivers more length & definition overall than the famous ‘Bad Gal’ mascara, which is lovely – but for lash impact, this one wins hands down, despite Bad Gal having my prefered brush style.
On the first day I wore this mascara, a hot/sunny weekend day I found that my eyelids were left with black smudges but on another (equally warm) work day this didn’t happen. It could be something linked to being outside wearing sunglasses… or it could be a complete fluke. But just putting it out there so you have the full picture.
My overall view? For lash length and definition I really like this mascara, the only niggle for me is on personal brush style preference, I prefer something softer. 
If you like the look of this then do check out the flash sale this Saturday (6th) where you can pick it up before it goes on general release. 

PR sample.


  1. August 3, 2011 / 1:01 pm

    I’m curious about this mascara- people have been talking about it and I’ve wanted to see it in action. Thanks for the excellent review….might have to look elsewhere for a mascara for my kit

  2. August 5, 2011 / 8:54 am

    So pretty look *_*
    I love your blog!
    Kisses ;_**


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