CACI facial at the Four Seasons

In the middle of the Olympics I braved the chaos that was around Hyde Park Corner – where the Olympics had basically taken over every hotel in the area – to make my way to a little slice of heaven that is The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel. And what a slice of heaven – I didn’t want to leave.

I was going to the spa to be treated to a Caci Facial – something I had learnt a bit about a few weeks before at a blogger event, and now have been able to experience. The idea of a Caci facial is overall – for anti-ageing – as it uses clever little micro currents and massage to stimulate the facial muscles and over time (a series of facials is recommended) re-train the muscles in order to create a lifted, younger look. I guess a little like the idea of going to the gym over time tones your body, this over time tones your face.

The Hotel
The view south from the waiting area – there’s Battersea Power Station on the right

The first thing that’s amazing about arriving at The Four Seasons spa is the stunning views across London. The spa is on the top floor and has floor to ceiling windows all around – so wherever you are you can guarantee an impressive view. Even the treatment rooms have this – and all the treatment beds face towards the window so you can look out at the city (they also have curtains for privacy).

The facilities are amazing, I have no hesitation in saying this has to be the nicest spa I have experienced in London so far. The experience was no doubt helped by the fact I didn’t see one other person (other than the therapists) in there – so had the whole place to myself (hence the photo-posing below)…
Me, post-facial-posing
The Spa pool – kept at a warm 20something degrees.
The facial itself was wonderful, I’m pretty sure I dropped off during the massage part as whilst it is a little firmer than the usual facial massage (they use these probe thing that have the micro current) it is still very relaxing. When they use the probes close to the mouth I did find there was a slight metallic taste – this is totally normal for the treatment and really didn’t bother me at all.
There was also some micro dermabrasion to exfoliate the top layer – I’m a bit fan of this actually, not everyone loves it. But I’ve always felt my skin has looked much better after a session. My favourite part of the treatment however has to be the hydrating gel mask at the end. So cool, it’s literally like having cold slabs of runny jelly on your face – but in a really good way. My skin felt instantly hydrated – and the feeling lasted well into the weekend.
I was reminded by the therapist throughout that the main way to see results from a Caci facial is through a course of treatments  rather than just one. But on first impressions I felt really good after this – I’m sure for true anti-ageing results more would be far better. But my skin felt boosted and really hydrated, and I left feeling really relaxed and happy. So overall, a lovely facial for a boost – but if you want the longer term results, book in for a full course.
The facial and the whole experience of The Four Seasons spa was amazing, and I’m already dreaming of going back – as soon as I got home I told the boyfriend that if he was ever stuck for a present or something for birthday/Christmas, I will always welcome a trip to that spa! Now just to keep my fingers crossed…
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  1. Pampered Prince
    August 19, 2012 / 1:43 pm

    This sounds amazing, I’ve wanted to try a CACI facial for ages now!

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