KMS Add Volume Detangler

This week I have been trying a few bits from KMS – a brand I’m familiar with, but haven’t tried a huge amount from so have been really interested to find out if they’re worth the hype.


As always, I’m on the hunt for something that will deliver volume, but without leaving my hair dry and crusty. This is meant to deliver a mixture of volume and soft and silky hair – I’m a little on the fence about the volume side. It does deliver volume at first, and it lasts the day – but not the level of volume that lasts into the next day where some products deliver volume that will stick around for day two.

I think this would be great for people who want extra volume but perhaps don’t have really fine hair as it does seem almost impossible (not totally impossible) to give fine hair both condition AND volume at the same time.

Having said all that – this little bottle will be coming away on holiday with me as my hair gets so dry in the sun so this will be a nice way to still have volume but keeping my hair in as good condition as possible! I’ll also be taking another KMS product with me – the after sun rescue conditioners – so will let you know what I think of those when I come back, but as the KMS sale (details below) is only on for a short time I wanted to let you know now!

KMS is currently on sale from Secret Sales so some good savings to be made (this spray is currently reduced from £7 to £4)

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