Olay Big British Beauty Poll 2012: The Results

Drumroll please… the results of Olay’s Big British Beauty Poll 2012 are in! So here’s a few of the juiciest nuggets of information.

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Key discoveries:

– Women are spending 15% less on beauty in 2012 vs 2010 (although they think they are spending more)
– 75% Women agree you can never be ‘too old’ to colour your hair
– A new haircut or colour is the number one instant youth fix
– Oh, and I definitely have to agree with the 35% of women who voted mascara the number one make-up item they can’t live without…

Yes or No to Surgery

When asked ‘Have you had any beauty procedure?’ 79% of women answered no. The remaining 21% are having: Microdermabrasion at 58%, cosmetic surgery and Botox at 11% each of the votes, high-tech lasers only gained less the 1% of the vote.

I’m quite surprised by this on two fronts – firstly that the number of ‘no’ respondents is so high and also that the numbers for treatments such as Botox and microdermabrasion are also so low – only 11% of the 21% who said they had a treatment?! That’s very low numbers for something so supposedly common place.

Top Beauty Investment

When times are tough, skincare is the item most women continue to invest in. When asked ‘If you ever needed to cut back on your beauty spending, which area would you cut back on first?’ 39% of women said body treatments would first to go, 15% said a haircut and colour, 15% for cosmetics, whilst only 7% were prepared to sacrifice their anti-ageing skincare first.

Now, as a beauty junkie I would be the worst person to ask what I’d sacrifice…with a list of absolute beauty essentials longer than the shopping list for an army. I would guess I would give up my more fancy body treatments (cellulite creams and the like) first, but skincare and cosmetics would be last to go. I might cut down, perhaps ‘downgrade’ to a more affordable brand – but some products are just non negotiable! Skincare would definitely be the highest on my priority list, with a good moisturiser and eye cream being my most vital. Nail colours would have to cut back on, although I find that hard as a new nail colour has to be the easiest way to ‘update’ a look without needing a new outfit.

Overall – the results seem completely logical to me. If I want an instant pick me up, a cut and colour has to be the way to go. But a fake tan is also a good boost, especially in winter. I can see why people are cutting back, but I am surprised how low nail colour was on all the lists.

On the ‘never too old’ front – I like to think there’s very little in the world that anyone is ‘too old’ for. Perhaps I am too old to win a teen beauty pageant or compete as an elite gymnast (I can still cartwheel though) but overall I am very much a believer in the old – if you want to do something, and it makes you happy. Go for it!

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