Spend vs Save #1

It seems pretty standard for bloggers to love a bit of a shopping spree – and I do as much as the next! But I have also come to realise that sometimes there are trend and style that – whilst I might love them at the time – only have a short shelf life. So it’s always good to find a cheaper alternative to that item so you get your shopping fix for something you love, but without hitting the bank account quite as hard. So with that in mind…here’s a little ‘spend vs save’ post for you…

Spend VS Save #1

The spend item is a swimsuit from Sweaty Betty – a brand I love (their sports bras are the best I’ve found) and if I could fill my entire gym wardrobe with their stuff I’d be more than happy! When having a little browse a few weeks ago I came across this tropical/underwater print swimsuit and despite it being quite different from my usual taste – I loved it. I thought it was great fun and the darker side panels would be flattering… only downside, it was £95 (now £66 in the sale) and just couldn’t quite bring myself to spend that much on something that I already knew wouldn’t be quite classic enough to last as long as I’d need it to for the price.

So I moved on and didn’t purchase the swimsuit…but the I found this printed swimsuit in the beachwear section on Bon Prix. Now it’s not exactly the same at all, but it’s got the whole print effect that I love and the colours are nice and flattering (I like how the bottom part is all dark to draw the eye upwards away from the stomach area) and at £34.99 it’s much more reasonable for a trend item!

Now just to work on that beach body a bit more…!

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  1. July 29, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    I love them both, really cool and different but pretty at the same time! x

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