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I think it’s safe to say that after three weeks of actual REAL LIFE summer like weather, it’s safe to say the spell of bad summers in the UK has been broken and I for one hope it continues! I love the sun, and the warmth and even accept the hot sticky nights all in the name of having a decent summer season for a change. Of course with sun comes the other ‘S’ word (not that one…cheeky) – SPF! So after giving a few a bit of a trial when I was in Mauritius with LUX* resorts recently I wanted to do a round up of ones I love…

best sun protection products

I’ll start with the one non-SPF product that’s in there, and of course is more appropriate for tropical climates but the REPEL spray was brilliant for my holiday. I only got bitten once, and normally I’m a magnet for bugs to chow down on. So if you’re going abroad – make sure you chuck one of these in your luggage amongst the sun care!

I’ve also been loving the Supergoop lip balm in SPF 30* – it’s all too easy to forget somewhere like your lips, which is silly despite how easily they loose moisture and burn. But this is a nice glossy touch, that also manages to look after your pout too.

For my face I used Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control  Cream for Face in SPF 30* (Available from Debenhams). I really like the light, quick absorbing texture of this – it soaks in without leaving my face looking too much like an oil slick. Which is rare for a sun cream. I also like how this is a smaller size bottle, so if I was out and about I’d take this and apply all over instead of the larger bottles.

Also from Clarins I really like their after sun with added self tan* (Available from Debenhams) – I’m very pale and tend to just increase the frequency of freckles rather than actually tan – so this is a great boost for me! Another one that smells good and feels nice to use. One little word of warning though – as it does contain some self tan, you need to apply carefully to ensure it doesn’t go patchy. It can so that ‘darker knees and elbows’ thing, so important to scrub before use as you would with other fake tan products.

Also for body my new favourite for proper sun bathing time is Piz Buin Tan and Protect* (Available from Superdrug) – it’s a spray oil, easy to apply and smells good. Plus I do definitely think it does help your tan develop. Obviously has to be used carefully, as sun worshipping is bad. But if you are spending a day at the beach or pool and want to make the most of it, but remain protected – then I love this one. It’s not ideal for protection when out and about though as it is oily, unless you like to look like an oiled up Chippendale… but for by the pool/beach it’s great.

Last but by no means least is the big boy of the bunch – the SPF 50! This is from the brand NO-AD* (available from ASDA)and texture wise it’s really quite unique in that it feels light, absorbs in and doesn’t leave any feeling of residue behind. For something with such a high factor, that is really hard to find. This one is great if you want an ‘apply and forget about it’ sort of protection. In Mauritius I used this when we were doing things like boat trips or if I was snorkeling, times when you’re distracted and it’s easy to loose track of how long you have been in the sun or how long ago you applied. It’s also water and sweat resistant so pretty hard wearing. I’m actually a bit surprised that it’s stocked in ASDA as it feels like a much more expensive brand than that!

So they’re my recent picks for all round sun protection (plus protection from bugs as a little added extra!)

*PR sample. 



  1. July 26, 2013 / 9:08 am

    These all sound great, I use factor 30 on my face but I’m always worried that it isn’t high enough! My favourite facial SPF is the La Roche Posay Anthelios, it’s really matte and a great base for foundation! 🙂 xx

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

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