The LUX* Experience: Part Three

So now I’m back in London, luckily it’s sunny and warm here which has taken the edge off of returning from Paradise! But as much as I’d love to kid myself – 30degrees on the tube is very different to 30degrees on the beach!Still, it’s sunny and I had an experience of a lifetime – so time for part three of my travel updates!This one includes a couple of the real highlights of the trip for me (there were so many!)…

The dolphins! 

Cheesy smiles for swimming with them! 

The trumpet fish – huge!

View of Ile des Coco from the dock

Ile des coco. WOW.

The villa that you can rent on the island!

Ile des Coco

Pasta being cooked fresh on the beach.

Pretty happy!

This day began with an early start to get out on the ocean and meet the dolphins for breakfast and a swim. I have never had such an amazing experience – so many dolphins swimming around! I didn’t hesitate to get in the water and swim with them – which was amazing, especially as they’re in the wild rather than in a pool. Of course they are much better swimmers than me (obviously) and tended to get away quicker than I could take photos – I do have one video (I was using an underwater camera) though that’s not bad! They also tended to dive and swim quite deep at times, so that first photo was just as they were going down and swimming underneath me. SO amazing though, they come so close to the boat – just as we were about to head back to shore they all came so close and I managed to take a few more decent photos. Definitely an experience I will never forget!

Then we left LUX* Le Morne (boo) to head over to LUX* Belle Mare – the flagship resort – with an afternoon stop over on the LUX* private island – Ile des Coco. Just off the coast in ‘Blue Bay’ (a very accurate name), it’s the most stunning island I have ever seen. The island is open for day trips when not rented out – there’s a gorgeous little villa on the island that if you rent it, you get the whole island to yourself. How incredible is that!? I actually didn’t realise places existed like this without the use of photoshop. But they do – and it really was that stunning shade of turquoise!

Our afternoon on the island meant another chance to do one of my new favourite activities – snorkel! The water here was even clearer than it was on Reunion and so many amazing fish. A few of my underwater snaps are above – one of the amazing fish I spotted was a trumpet fish (the long thin one) and was huge! Again, so many amazing fish to spot – I was surprised anyone managed to drag me out of the water as it was so fascinating  But if there is one thing to persuade me to go back on dry land again it’s the promise of a delicious bowl of freshly cooked pasta! We enjoyed a late lunch on the island and a touch of relaxing in the sun before hopping back on the boat to head to our new home for the night – LUX* Belle Mare. More on that in part four!

I have to say though, swimming with dolphins in the Indian Ocean will definitely remain one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

For more on Ile des Coco click HERE

I was a guest of LUX* Resorts.



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