The LUX* Experience: Part Four

Ok, so it’s taken me a little longer than I thought to write this one – basically it just made me a bit sad to look at the pictures and realise I wasn’t writing this from the comfort of a double-bed sized lounger in the sun, but actually overlooking a fairly grim looking block of flats in London… oh how I miss my LUX* experience! But, for me to bring back the fabulous memories and to share a few more photos (by a few, I mean lots) here is part four of my LUX* Experience diaries!

the lux experience part 4

The Beach at Belle Mar


Photos of the honeymoon suite at Belle Mare


My suite from the outside – upstairs. 


A lesson in making beauty products at home at the LUX* Me Spa
The hotel has it’s own local coffee – and I’m not a coffee drinker at all usually, but this was amazing.
The outside relaxing area at LUX* Me Spa, Belle Mare
The shaved agave syrup ice on a bed of fresh fruit…so amazing.
Healthy cooking class.
Local fishing village to the resort
Cheesy smiles! 


The resort also has an ice cream parlour near the beach – delicious! 
I tried the pineapple and chili flavour – unusual, but really tasty! 
The gorgeous beach… please can I go back now?!

So just as a reminder, at the beginning of July I was very, very, lucky to be invited to spend a week at LUX* resorts on the islands of Reunion and Mauritius. You can read the other posts from my time there on the links below:

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So this is my final post on my time there and this focuses on the Belle Mare resort in Mauritius, the flagship resort on the island and you can really see why. This place is stunning, and huge. The main building of the hotel is very grand compared to the Reunion and Le Morne resorts. It’s an open building (testament to the amazing climate) with huge high ceilings and views through to the stunning pool (the biggest in Mauritius) and the beach.

When we arrived at Belle Mare after an amazing day on the private Ile De Coco we were greeted with one of those moments where you actually jump up and down and squeal. As I was taken to my room and the door opened to reveal not just any old room…but a HUGE and absolutely gorgeous honeymoon suite! This was actually to be my home for the next two nights – ironically the suite is actually larger than my London-flat home. How insane is that!? It comprised of a large entry area and living room, equipped with big flat screen TV, huge bed that could probably sleep about four people (if that floats your boat) but for me on my own it was like sleeping on a big fluffy white bed of clouds. SO comfy. Then there was an enormous bathroom with bath that was almost like a small swimming pool (slight exaggeration, but it was huge) and walk in closet space. Then a balcony with double bed sized lounger and views of the beach. Seriously, this suite was absolutely stunning – all stark white and lush green, designed by the famous Kelly Hoppen. It was modern, but still comfortable and unique. You can see why they say honeymooners barely leave the room – it’s not for cheeky reasons, it’s because they’re in a place like this!

But it wasn’t all lush rooms and lounging around in bathtubs, we also got to do a lot more than that. We enjoyed an amazing massage at the LUX* Me Spa – I actually dozed off I was so relaxed. We had a delicious Asian fusion meal, with Fois Gras – something that isn’t to everyones taste, but I had never tasted before so gave it a try and it was absolutely delicious.  Not one I’ll be making a habit of eating, but even just thinking about it now makes me drool a bit.

We also had a private meal in one of the amazing private villas on the Belle Mare site and a healthy eating cooking class – I’m determined to make the agave syrup shaved ice concoction at home. It was so delicious and pretty much guilt-free.

We also got to see a bit more of the island, beyond the resort on a bike ride – this was amazing. I loved the bike ride, seeing a local fishing down and some of the colourful buildings. Plus we went on a well being safari, with a long walk through the national park followed by yoga overlooking the sea.

I know, I’ve just reeled off about a million things – but there’s so much to talk about! This trip was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life, I felt so very honoured to be invited to go along and experience it – for me, the number one highlight will be all the swimming in the sea. Both snorkeling and swimming with dolphins in the wild. So amazing and something I will never, ever forget.

I have to say, LUX* resorts really do make you feel special when you’re with them. From the moment you arrive at each resort you see it has it’s own unique character and is just designed to be the ultimate contemporary luxury holiday. Five star, without being pretentious (none of that ‘dress code’ type rules here – all very laid back). It’s very much my sort of place (although who wouldn’t say that!?) I love the combination of luxury and chilled out.

Having had the opportunity to stay at three of the LUX* resorts, you would think I’d be able to pick out a favourite. But I really think that’s almost impossible. Each one is so different and feels unique. Reunion as an island is absolutely stunning, so fascinating and so much to do. I’d say LUX* Reunion is the resort to go to if you’re looking for an active break interspersed with luxury as there’s so much to see! Then there was LUX* Le Morne in Mauritius, this felt like pure luxury in a gorgeous setting – the ominous but striking Le Morne rock in the background made it totally unlike anywhere else and the resort was impressive, yet not huge. Then finally Belle Mare – the huge and impressive flagship resort. It really does offer the ‘WOW’ factor in terms of size and range of facilities. The suite I stayed in was the most amazing I’ve ever experienced.

This trip has definitely given me the travel bug – and look forward to blogging about my next trip away that’s coming up – to Cambodia! Hopefully will have more interesting pictures and experiences to share then!

Thank you again LUX* for having me on such an amazing trip.

For more info on the LUX* Resorts:

I was a guest of LUX* resorts.


  1. Dannielle
    August 13, 2013 / 10:08 am

    wow it looks incredible, and sounds like they really went above and beyond for you, a real vacation spot! Thanks for sharing. Also, I think pineapple and chili ice cream sounds pretty good! x

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  2. August 14, 2013 / 8:17 am

    Great pics! It seems a really good experience!

    Natalia xo

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