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To me, By Terry are the brand that do everything and just do it that little bit better than anyone else – and that little bit more luxe than the ones who did it first. The By Terry range has expanded its brow offering – with the felt-tip pen liner brow pen and the eyebrow mascara that comes in an impressive range of shades (not just the usual blonde, brown and dark brown). I already have a favourite in there too…

Brows are definitely not my strongest feature, there are plenty of bloggers out there who fill, pluck and polish theirs into the most perfect of arches and whilst I do have major brow envy. I am still happy to keep mine fairly natural – I have them threaded and sometimes tinted and tend to pluck the odd random stray between threading appointments. But beyond that I keep things simple, a little filling in the sparse patches and a slick of a brow-holding product and that’s about it. That probably gives you a little clue to the By Terry brow offering that I’m loving…

brows by terry








So first up, the liner – a pale shade. Where an eye liner of an equivalent design would be dense with pigment, for brows the tint is always sheer to create that look of a natural shadow created by hair rather than full on dark patches. You can see from the swatch the tint level is ideal – sheer, with a perfectly ashy but with a hint of warmth shade to it. The biggest problem us blondes with paler brows is when brands seem to decide pale means ginger and put too much warmth in the shades that doesn’t work with brows unless they are ginger.

The eyebrow liner (£23) is available in Blonde and Brown shades.

Then there’s the mascara, and yes – this is my love of the two. The shade I have here is ‘highlight blonde’ the paler of the range. The brush is ideal for browns – narrow and small enough to be neat without wiping product across your forehead. Not that I’ve ever actually gone quite that wrong, but I have been known to smudge or basically not be perfect! Then next thing I love about this is the perfect colour match – hopefully you can see how well suited to my natural hair colour this is. Again, warm but not too warm, with that slight hint to it. The final thing I love – this combines the tint/filling factor with amazing hold in one simple swipe. It’s the lazy girls brow dream – one swipe and caterpillars are tamed. Quick and easy – just how I like my beauty routine to be!

The mascara (£26) is available in a fab four shades – highlight blonde, medium ash, sheer auburn, dark brown.

Available from Space NK

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  1. October 8, 2013 / 1:12 pm

    Ooh that brow pen is EXACTLY the right sort of thing for me. I think it looks like the perfect shade. I’m using the GOSH pen at the moment, and while I love it, I have to be so careful to use a light hand as it’s a little dark and tends to give the ‘painted on brows’ effect. I have quite dark brows naturally anyway, but it can go a bit far if I’m not careful.

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