Christmas Ideas: Fragrance For Him

Is it just me or are men so much harder to buy gifts for than girls?! I always seem to be at a bit of a loss and end up settling for a gift voucher or something equally uninspired! But under the theme of beauty I decided to take a look at the boy in  my life’s collection of fragrances and pick a few out that would make some nice gifts (obvs. doesn’t help me choose a present for him this year though…doh!) but might help you…

christmas ideas fragrance for him




Burberry Brit Rhythm* – One for the music lover maybe!? This feels like quite a trendy fragrance (I think using the word trendy has to be the quickest way to make myself sound like a grandma…) this  is my boy’s current favourite.

Lacoste Eau De Lacoste* – This is quite a safe one, with a sporty edge – so if you’re man is a gym-lover and wants a gym-bag friendly bottle then this is a winner (the bottle is small and lightweight) – good for any sporty guys!

Boss Hugo Boss* – This is a great ‘if in doubt’ gift, as the fragrance is pretty safe and I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like this. So if there’s a man you need to buy for but not sure what he might like…this is your answer! Maybe a good one for a brother or brother in law

James Bond 007 Quantum* – What boy or man doesn’t harbour secret (or not so secret) dreams of being James Bond…well for most this is as close as they can get. Despite this being the cheapest of the bunch and having a bit of a novelty feeling to it – it actually smells really nice too (and has a fancy little twist up bottle top…). I think a Dad would love this so he can act out his dream of being bond….

Dolce & Gabbana The One Special Edition 2013* – This is a lovely bottle that has the ‘WOW’ factor, maybe one to buy for someone who is ‘the one’ to you!? The bottle is all over chrome and feels pretty special. One for the boyfriend/fiance/husband…

*PR sample


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