Aveda Dry Remedy

Before I talk about the Aveda Dry Remedy, a little about hair care in general. I recently went into my bathroom and counted how many shampoo and conditioner type products there were around the shower area and found around sixteen. That’s pretty excessive right? I’d love to say that’s because I share a flat with 15 other people…but no, it’s just me and the fiance. Which can maybe account for one or two, but the others? Guilt as charged – they’re all mine. What can I say? I like hair care? Well yes, I do – and even more so than hair care I also have a real interest in scalp products – yes, I’ve mentioned this before and it’s probably the least exciting of the hair product world – but you can’t deny that if you have an unhealthy scalp then you’re really unlikely to have amazing hair.

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But with all that in mind, I do find it can be tough/frustrating as you can find a few products that suit the scalp – but perhaps don’t take decent care of the hair  so it can end up dry or a bit lifeless. OR (more often) you can use a product that’s great for the hair but a bit of a nightmare if you have a sensitive scalp. That would be my most frequent hair issue. I love the shampoo/conditioner – but my scalp hates it.

Most recently, my hair has been feeling dry so I’ve opted to try out some moisturising products. Generally, for fine hair moisturising can often translate into lank/lifeless. However, this Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner (there’s also a mask and a hair oil in the range) have been a bit of a wonder for me and my hair. They feel lovely to use, lather really nicely and smell of that familiar Aveda scent. They feel quite rich, but rinse nicely clean of the hair – always giving a bit of an extra rinse for my hair as the tiniest amount of product left behind will make my hair flatter than a pancake. But my hair feels pretty good after using these. It feels more hydrated and healthy and not lifeless at all. I do however, only use them once or twice a week – a little like a hydrating treatment rather than a regular shampoo, which personally I would recommend if you do have fine hair like mine.

If you have a thicker hair however, you could go the whole hog and use the whole range – shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil.

Aveda Dry Remedy * is available from Look Fantastic 


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  1. May 5, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    Oooh these sounds great, my hair type sounds similar to yours so I’ll have to check these out!


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