Murad Redness Facial: Re-Spa Canary Wharf

I love visiting spas and having facials or other such treatments – it’s one of my absolute favourite things to do. Especially now with the wedding coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot more about skincare and finding things that are going to help get my skin looking as good as possible for the day. I was invited to pay the Re: Spa down in Canary Wharf a visit to check out the spa and experience a ‘Murad Redness Facial’.

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A couple of things about the Spa – one, it’s in the middle of Canary Wharf, which isn’t an area I’ve spent a huge amount of time in. But every time I go I am really impressed with the warren of shopping they have going on underneath all the sky-high offices that make the area iconic. There really is everything and it’s quite surreal – lots of smartly dressed business types rushing around all busy and important but pretty quiet in between the key rush times – early morning is busy as they all head to their offices. Then at 12pm on the dot it gets busy again as they all rush to grab lunch. Lots of the food places in the area are set up to be super-speedy as everyone they serve is so busy and important… it feels a little like a different world, most definitely like a little bubble.

Then at one side of the shopping warren there’s a big Waitrose – on top of which is the Reebok Sports Club, which is frankly  -amazing. It has everything you could possibly want from a fitness centre. From climbing walls, to power plates, to healthy-eating cafe… .literally everything. Plus some really nice and well equipped changing rooms. I suspect membership does come at a premium…but it is one of the most impressive gyms I’ve ever seen and definitely more of a lifestyle destination than a bog standard gym.

Along with the impressive fitness centre offering, there is of course also the Re:Spa, the centres spa offering – tucked away behind the climbing walls. The Spa offers all the usual type of treatments: waxing, nails, manicures, facials, massages etc. All in a little dimly lit haven of relaxation. As soon as you enter the spa area it feels like a world away from the busy hallways of the shopping area, or even the buzz of the exercise machines that are not far away. The spa has a nice little chill out area with water and magazines to relax ahead of treatments. Then you’re led to your room, which is spacious and relaxing – clean feeling, but not too clinical. A good balance for a spa.

The Murad Facial, the reason I was there was actually unlike any facial I have had in the past – this one is all about cooling, soothing and being gentle on sensitive skin. I’ve not often considered my skin to be sensitive, but it is prone to redness (which probably is a sign of sensitivity I’m just in denial about…). The facial itself was very cooling and refreshing, rather than the more warming, slightly more intense feeling of a regular facial. It was relaxing, but the coolness of each of the stages meant I didn’t quite feel into the nod-off zone. Another major plus was that my skin felt cool and calm after the facial – so I didn’t feel like a bright red tomato when walking back to the tube sans-make-up.

My therapist at the Re:Spa was fantastic – she talked me through each stage, which I always find really helpful as if not I tend to be lying there wondering what’s going on as after a while of being horizontal with your eyes shut you loose a bit of your senses!? Maybe just me. But there were phases like a mask that’s applied over a gauze as it sets to a sort of rubbery finish… I’m glad she talked me through this bit as otherwise I may have felt a little claustrophobic and confused! I also appreciate being talked through product recommendations at the end – which felt helpful and not hard-sell. She just gave me a booklet with some recommendations ticked to take away with me.

Overall, I’m a big fan of Murad skincare anyway but this was my first facial experience of the brand and I was definitely impressed. The cooling feeling of it made it very different to any other facial I had experienced in the past. It would be an amazing pampering treat post holiday to cool and revive the skin. For me and any future facials with Murad I would opt for the more glycolic based ones rather than cooling in general to try and sort a few issues out, and then would revert to the cooling ones to maintain and keep redness down.

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I was a guest of the Re:Spa. 



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