24 Hours in Malta…

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It’s been a pretty exciting week for me this week – following on from my weekend in Barcelona I then got to jet off to sunny Malta for a whistle-stop visit to go to the Isle of MTV festival. The festival is held annually on the island by MTV, and this year is sponsored by Durex who invited me and my token cool friend ZOELDN to go along.

On an aside, how much sense does it make that Durex sponsors a lot of MTV shows?! Have you seen what the Georgie Shore/The Valleys lot get up to!? Those crazy kids must have shares in Durex – or at least sack loads of freebies that they’re determined to work their way through!

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It does make sense also for Durex to be part of the festival fun and games too – as I think the combination of sunshine, music and probably a drink or two can lead to some fun and games that may very well require some of their wares… have fun, but be safe kids. Nothing like an STD or pregnancy scare to ruin a Summer (or worse).

But anyway, my own little variation of a public service announcement aside – the festival was amazing fun. Zoe and I met up with Anna and Lily  and we had such a good time. Highlights for me were Dizzee Rascal (all round amazing), Nicole Scherzinger’s abs (*note to self to hit the gym more*) also her gold sparkly shorts were amazing…quite fancy myself a pair of those. Then there was the sexy as hell Enrique Iglesias – who was basically my ultimate teenage crush and he didn’t disappoint. He’s that sort of hot that looks like he’s too cool to shower, but still manages to rock a white t-shirt and stubble with a cheeky smile and a smoulder… I’ll reign it in there. But safe to say, he was a hotly and a definite highlight for me was the opener of ‘Tonight I’m Loving You’ (that’s the censored version, the proper name is far more Durex-appropriate)

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It really was a whistle-stop as beyond the festival I sadly didn’t get chance to experience much more of the island than the hotel and festival. But the hotel – The Phoenicia – was lovely and our room overlooked the square where the festival was taking place so perfectly convenient. It also had these gorgeous gardens you walked through to get to the pool area where Zoe and I enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Sun. The weather was absolutely amazing – at least 30+ degrees and roasting hot – lots of high factor sun cream needed for sure. Oh, and a special little shout out to the amazing room service guy who brought us a cheeky plate of chips with our post-festival sandwich order.



Whilst I didn’t get to see much of the Island I would 100% come back, the sunshine and not too long a flight would make it a fab destination for some guaranteed sun. Especially if you were going early or late season as it feels hotter here by a good few degrees than it did in Barcelona (which was also amazing, but add those extra degrees and it feels so much more bikini perfect).

All in all, a pretty amazing 24 hours – thank you Durex for inviting us out there for the festival and 24 hours in Malta!


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