As classic as strawberries and…


…lactose free cream! I know, maybe not quite as catchy but perhaps something to consider if you have ever had an issue with food intolerance or allergy at all. Personally I’m not aware of any intollerances but do have a suspricion I may have one that’s just unidentified…as I do often tend to get that overly full/bloated feeling after eating some foods. But those foods are usually either dairy or pasta…so not keen to just miss out on them!

So with that in mind I was sent a lovely little hamper of summery goodness and challenged to make the classic of all classic British cakes – the ‘Elizabeth’ sponge. I did make a couple of little tweaks to the original recipe as we only had a small cake tin – so I used the ‘spare’ batter to make a few lovely little cupcakes too. Which was the perfect way to use the Royal-themed British cake cakes and toppers. Plus I used the extra of the cream to whip up a creamy topping and smother the whole thing in strawberries (with a few sliced and popped in the middle of the cake too for good measure.

On a total side note – the little strawberry green bit puller is a bit genius. If you like strawberries you need one of these in your life.


The end result? Well, apart from me being apparently determined to make my dress as snug as possible for the wedding with all this cake… actually really yummy. There is something a little different to the ‘usual’ taste with te add on of the Lactofree Spreadable and Lactofree Cream, perhaps it’s just a little lighter and a touch less rich? I might be making it up, but I was sure I felt a little less stuffed/bloated after a cheeky slice of the cake too…

Have you ever considered switching your usual ingredients for a lactose free version?


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  1. July 4, 2014 / 6:42 am

    I am now Vegan because of my intolerances to Animal products!
    I hope you never develop an actual intolerance it is so annoying to make sure you are eating something that wont effect you.
    And I personally love Strawberries and Soy Cream 😉 Not as appealing either!
    xo Holly xo


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