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When it comes to beauty, generally there’s only a small handful of things I’m consistent with/faithful to over a long period. In fact, there are only really a handful of products I can really think of that I come back to the same one again and again. But in this category, would definitely be hairbrushes. At any one time I tend to have around 4/5 hairbrushes as tools I reach for regularly. But in all honesty, there’s always one that I favour and I tend to use that one brush to death. Either until the spokes are falling out, the rubber is coming away from the base or it just breaks. Whatever it is, when I find a brush I love- I stick with it. One of these was a Philip Kingsley Brush that I’ve loved and used to the point where the logo has faded from the handle and it’s basically looking quite worse for wear or more recently was the Eco Tools Paddle Brush. So I decided to delve into the ‘to review’ or lesser-used stash and try something different. Here’s what I found and what I think they’re good for:

essential hair brushes IMG_5897



The Wet Brush * (Cult Beauty £11.99) : The All Rounder – This is one of those products that’s well deserving of ‘cult’ status. It’s been raved about all over the place and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is that’s so special about this brush. But it is – it’s comfortable to use, smoothly coasts through wet hair without a care in the world. Zero tugging or snagging to be had. So comfortable, it feels gentle no matter how knotty your hair is. A great all rounder.

Tangle Teezer Compact * (Boots £12.49): The handbag brush – I’ve used Tangle Teasers on and off over the years. I like them, but the traditionalist in me wants a handle on my brush. Despite being well aware that the Tangle Teaser does a great job sans-handle. But this compact version has won me over as a handbag perfect brush due to the compact size and the fact it has a ‘lid’ that you can place on top of the bristles protecting the brush and your hand from being poked when you reach blindly into your bag. Sure, plastic spokes aren’t going to exactly hurt you – but you don’t know pain until you get poked under your nail with one of those babies. Also good as it feels like it keeps the brush cleaner and helps keep any hair that gets caught in the brush there, rather than turning the inside of your bag to Cousin It.

Beauty Bay Detangling Brush * (Beauty Bay £5): The Bargain – This one is from the Beauty Bay own brand range. It’s a total steal at only £5 and is basically everything you want from a Tangle Teaser, but with added extended handle. It’s simple, cheap and effective. This is the one I tend to opt for when my hair is really wet (like the first step out of the shower wet) or if I want to comb conditioner/a mask through – I use this as it’s the easiest to clean after use too.

Beauty Works Paddle Brush *(Pauls Hair & Beauty World £24.99): The Fancy One – This feels like it’s taking hair brushing to a new level. With two sorts of bristles (long and short, hard and soft) on a solid feeling paddle base. This manages to detangle and smooth all at the same time. It feels good quality too, so if you’re generally a one-brush-is-favourite kinda girl like me then this could be a sound investment. The combination of bristles and wide brush head means pressure spreads more evenly and less snagging to happen. Great for all sorts of hair types.



  1. November 12, 2014 / 4:10 pm

    I have 2 brushes which I religiously use, one being my GHD paddle brush – very similar to the Beauty Works brush and the other is my Tangle Teezer. I get what you mean about wanting a handle though, mine is for use on wet or dry hair and it is forever slipping out my hand, but it does do the trick all the same. I want the handbag version as I do know the pain of one of those bristles going under your nail 🙁 not pleasant.
    Kirsty X

  2. November 12, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    I really like my tangle teezer, but the beauty bay brush looks like a dupe with a handle! I’ve had a bristle poke me under my nail too, wayyy to painful!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

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