Simple Skincare #AboutFace Week Three

How is it week three of my #AboutFace diaries already?! I’ll admit it, I still need to keep upping my game on the water front. It seems like as soon as I have good day and drink lots of water I’ll follow it with a bad day where I totally forget until I’m really, really thirsty. But along with the water, this week I have been trying to make a real effort to focus on the looking after my skin from the inside as well as out. By that I mean, cutting down the sugar and dialling up the veggie portions.


But it’s not just been about replacing the selection boxes with a selection of green stuff – it’s generally been about getting a bit of a glow back. Which really does come from a whole host of places: eating the right stuff so skin looks it’s best, drinking lots of water to flush out all the toxins from that oh-so-fun month of December, plus I’ve been taking some supplements too to give that old ‘inside out’ a boost. Plus, a little bit of a helping hand with a dose of radiance from Simple Kind To Skin Illuminating Cream.


My favourite way to use this is basically like a primer – as my skin does tend to be really dry in colder months I’ve been using the day and night cream – which feel light but are really moisturising. But then as the Illuminating Cream is a light formula, I will add this on top of the moisturiser – before I add any make-up. It has the faintest touch of shimmer to add a subtle glow to the skin and it really does give a great base ahead of foundation. Or on days when I don’t wear a full face, it just adds a nice touch of radiance without being too obvious. For some reason, this is a product I’ve always thought of as a ‘Summer’ one (I’ve used it before) and tended to think of it as mainly suitable for then – which is a bit silly really, as when in the year is it you really need a bit of help in the glow department?! Erm, that would be now. The other thing that I haven’t really done but need to try is actually mixing a bit of this with a bit of foundation for a lighter, glowy finish.

I have to say, at this point in the Simple Skincare #AboutFace trial – as I’m at week three and next week will be the last ‘official’ update on the blog about it – I’m actually really happy with my skin right now. Especially when I look back to how it was just a couple of weeks ago – it was so dehydrated that it was a pain to put make-up on as it would highlight it. I had a bit of a break out around my chin and it was generally looking and feeling a bit rubbish. But right now (I’ll be talking more about this next week really – but just as a little ‘sneak preview’) I really don’t have any complaints on the skin front – it’s pretty hydrated, no breakouts currently going on and generally in good shape. Happy days – there really is nothing like having a bad skin day to make you feel a bit rubbish (worse than a bad hair day in my opinion – I can always just tie my hair up… can’t do that with my face!) so I’m very happy not to have that issue right now – I think the fact I was comfortable taking and posting a make-up free shot on my blog – the picture below is one I used for my NARS Foundation review and is totally make-up free – says a lot really – if my skin was in terrible shape I’d feel too conscious to do so.


I’m also happy to say that I have cut down on the selection boxes whilst I work (see the video below for what I mean!)… which doesn’t mean my diet is perfect by any means. But it’s certainly a whole lot better than the chocolate and crisps centric one I had over Christmas (ah, those were the days…) I even bought myself a sparkly new drinking cup to entice me to keep drinking more water! But speaking of chocolate and Christmas… my video diary (number three) was a little reminder of one of the little changes I’ve made in December as part of #AboutFace …

Simple Skincare #AboutFace Diary Three

Post in collaboration with Simple Skincare. 



  1. Josiee
    January 22, 2015 / 2:34 pm

    Aah I really like this stuff but my pump is broken so I can’t use it!!
    Im trying to find a solution!]]

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. January 22, 2015 / 6:09 pm

    I used to use the Illuminating Moisturiser and completely forgot about it until I read this post! Will have to get my hands on another bottle. Your skin looks really healthy! x

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