Our Wedding: The Details

Where to start on something so generally titled… one of the things I learnt about planning a wedding is that there’s no end to how detailed you can get. It can very much be the details that make a wedding so personal. For us, our main priorities for the day were: relaxed, outdoors, good food, good music (our band was the Joe Ringer band and they were so good one of my bridesmaids has booked them for her own wedding later this year) oh and of course flowing drinks.  I maybe wasn’t the most detailed of brides in that I didn’t maybe feel quite as passionate over the things like table favours or the other little bits and bobs that I can totally appreciate are so lovely – but for me they weren’t always the priority.

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The Flowers & Decorations

A HUGE thank you to the amazing Sarah from Amity Flowers. Sarah was absolutely wonderful – so easy to work with, totally accomodating and on the day arrived and got on with setting up the gorgeous flowers with zero fuss at all. She did an amazing job and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone getting married in the Norfolk area. We used Pinterest to discuss ideas and the look for the day – I was pretty general in that I knew I wanted white flowers and the arrangements not to look too ‘done’ to fit with the overall relaxed feel. I wanted Gypsophilia (baby’s breath) to feature throughout too as think it’s really pretty. I was over the moon with all the flowers – from the button holes (even with ones made up for Monty & Molly, the two family dogs who were there on the day), gorgeous jars filled with beautiful white blooms and my own bouquet which was stunning and I absolutely loved. I just wish I hadn’t been so busy dancing that I put it down somewhere and it got a bit squished!

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For the rest of the decorations, we kept it simple and stuck with white again. With white bunting and a load of fairy lights to decorate inside. My Dad made this gorgeous little pot plants to hold the menus on each table – the menus featured the design from the invite which Ollie’s Dad made for us. My mum-in-law painted pebbles that had been collected from beaches over the year with names to serve as place names. We had little bags of sweets as favours – a combination of my favourite (mint imperials) and Ollie’s (jelly beans). There was an amazing production line the day before the wedding with various family members helping put them all together. My Mum, Sister, Aunty and many others were amazing in setting up the pom-poms and balloons.

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My mum sorted all the confetti and cones, plus little pots of bubbles and the disposable cameras that were on all the tables to take photos – it’s those little things that really are the finishing touches for the day. Although we’re still a little too scared to see what was captured on those so they’re still waiting to be developed! So many people helped with so many things it’s hard to remember it all! Oh, and my father-in-law and Ollie’s brother’s girlfriend did an amazing job on lettering for signs and the mirror we used for place names. The mirror was a lovely purchase actually -as it made a great piece of decor for the wedding and now we have it hanging in our living room as permanent memory from the day.

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The Cake

Oh, the cake. How can I even describe how fun this part was! Rosemary, a friend of my mum-in-law is a bit of whizz with cakes (you can see her amazing work HERE). And by bit of a whizz I mean full-blown you want it, she can do it amazing. So we went to visit her and I showed her my Pinterest board of pretty cakes I liked and we discussed it – in the end coming up with the composite cake which brought together all the bits I loved about these different cakes… from rainbow sponge, to ombre turquoise colouring, to polka dots… it was three tiers of all the bits I loved from Pinterest and it really was amazing. From the design to the inside… which was three different fillings (A tier of rainbow, Victoria sponge and chocolate…).

Plus the insanely detailed flower that topped the whole thing off. That’s made out of sugar paste would you believe. She is one talented and lovely lady and I’m delighted she could create such a wonderful cake for the day. My only regret is not eating enough of it! They always say you don’t eat much on your wedding day!

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The Food

We opted against having a formal three course sit down. Instead went for a selection of substantial canapés whilst doing the reception drinks after the ceremony followed by a barbecue. Barbecue is basically my all time favourite meal format and Ollie and I just felt it was very ‘us’ and ideal for our wedding day. We did have tables so everyone would be sitting down to eat, but other than that it was very informal. The caterers were the amazing ‘Back To Your Place‘ from Byfords in Holt. Pat was absolutely fab – really helpful and calm. More than happy to sort things and on the day they just got on with everything! The food was delicious too – if you’re in Holt, make sure you stop there for a burger. So good. We actually stayed at Byfords ‘posh B&B’ on arriving in Norfolk on the Tuesday and it was really lovely too – we’re planning to go back again for our 1 year anniversary in August.

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Much like the cake, my only regret is not eating more! That’s the thing about weddings – when it’s your own you’re so busy being pulled from pillar to post or saying hello to all the wonderful people and making the most of them all being in one place that food falls down the priority list. I did however eat one single burger and it was the best thing. I can still taste it now if I think about it. Such good food.

Hope that was a nice little summary of the little bits and bobs – I do have to be honest and wanted to write this for myself as much as anyone reading as it’s so nice to spend this time looking back over the day and having this all written down so I can remember it all.

All photos by Katherine Ashdown.



  1. March 18, 2015 / 10:16 am

    It’s so nice to get a peek into your celebrations, it all looks wonderful.

  2. March 19, 2015 / 1:08 pm

    Wow, what a beautiful day! I recently got married too and I still love to peruse other peoples wedding’s! Your pictures are lovely.
    Huge congratulations x

  3. March 20, 2015 / 11:23 pm

    These photos are just perfect, it looks like you put a lot of thought in your planning! The colour of the bridesmaid dresses is beautiful.

    Emma | The Fashion Six

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