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I still can’t believe it’s already been four months since my #UKDoesMacys trip to San Francisco. Was an amazing week that I still pinch myself over – and whilst I was reminiscing over it I realised I had never told you about the hotel I stayed in when I was there! I didn’t want to overload on the San Francisco posts at the time so purposely left a gap…and then a few months seemed to spin past. But here we are and it’s time to tell you a little about my home for my week I spent in California – the Westin St Francis San Francisco.



Firstly, the location. The Westin St Francis is about as central to all the action as you could want. It’s a big imposing building overlooking Union Square in the heart of the city. For me, it was perfectly located for the things I was doing with Macy’s as the Westin is on one side of the square and Macy’s is just across the road. The rest of the square is also surrounded by all sorts of amazing stores and it’s just down a short road from more. So if you like to be near shopping (*sheepishly raises hand*) you can’t choose a better location. Oh, and there’s a Victoria’s Secret and Pink store right out side the entrance…and Sephora is about a two minute walk way.

The hotel itself is what I’d describe as classic American glamour. You walk into a large entry hall with huge chandeliers and it all feels very grand. The Westin underwent a make-over in recent years so is actually almost like two hotels – the older building to the front and then the newer add-on building towards the rear. The bit towards the back is the taller part of the building and where I stayed on the 27th floor. The newer part of the hotel maybe lacks a little of the character of the older part – but totally makes up for that in space and the views!

IMG_3074 IMG_3076 IMG_4274 IMG_3126

One of the first surprising moments for me was after my long flight over, feeling a bit tired I got into the lift on the way to my room. Thinking nothing of it I hit my floor and up I went when BOOM – it was a glass lift and I was whooshed out to panoramic views over the city. Having arrived on a gorgeous sunny day, this was amazing. Seeing right across the bay and seeing landmarks like the Coit Tower and the TransAmerica Pyramid… It was quite the welcome to a place that may very well be my new favourite American city.

My room was wonderful – really spacious. With a large bathroom too. The bed was massive and really comfy and the large windows meant I could enjoy the views over the city whenever I was in my room. I was delighted with this actually because I did spend a little longer in the room on this trip than I probably would do usually as I was travelling alone so when it came to going out at night I tended to have dinner, have a wander then head back relatively early. Rather than be out all day until late as I would when travelling with someone else. Also, a perk of the room being that it also has a Starbucks Coffee Machine… yes.IMG_3129 IMG_4101

It was only on the second night that it dawned on me that I was staying in a very tall building in a city that is prone to Earthquakes… but of course all the tall building are designed to be strong enough for this. Or else they wouldn’t exactly have so many of them, would they?! I did notice some very slight rumbling on a couple of nights – which whilst being quite surreal, is apparently totally normal! Apparently all the tall buildings in the city are built on these giant rollers to allow them to withstand Earthquakes?! Interesting stuff – but I suspect the fact that the main hotel building has been there since 1904 says it’s pretty darn stable!

Location wise, the Westin St Francis Hotel cannot be beaten – so central. And those views… made the jet lag worth it when I could get up to see the sun rise over the city each morning. But it was more than just the view (honestly), there were lovely little touches – like being welcomes with a trio of snacks in the room (some dried fruit and chocolate covered raisins etc). Always having bottles of water there – those sorts of little touches that make a hotel that bit more than just a place to sleep. But the views…  they’re what I’ll remember!

Just writing this post has me wanting to head back to San Francisco now – such an amazing city! If you’re staying there, my tip would be see if you can make sure you get a high floor so you can make the most of the skyline.

More info: starwoodhotels.com

 I was a guest of Macy’s & Westin St Francis



  1. Isabel O'Brien
    April 5, 2015 / 9:05 am

    What a lovely hotel. I’m going to check out your other posts from this trip now. 🙂

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