Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes

I do love a nude make-up collection, I do. And when it comes to nudes and wearable neutral shades Bobbi Brown certainly does take some beating. So when I heard the latest collection was all about Sandy Nudes – I just had to take a look. The Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes collection is a beauty if you love your pale nude shades (over bronze or golden shades)…


The collection features a veritable feast of beauty goodies – from nude lipsticks, gloss with shimmer and soft nude cream shades. Plus a gorgeous palette with little rounds of nude shimmers that really do capture sandy nudes in make-up form.

Not shown in this post, the collection also includes a few lovely gems of blusher/bronzer duos in large sizes to make them perfect for adding a dusting of colour to face or body if you fancy it. There are four colour combos of the face and body bronzing duo including blush/bronze, pinky shades or peachy colours too. So something for everyone.


Starting with the eyeshadow palette though – which beyond the blusher/bronzer duos is certainly the star of the show. I took this on holiday with me and was kinda surprised how much the colours really do capture the ‘Sandy Nudes’ shades. If you took away the black palette I’m pretty sure these would be about as camouflaged as you can get on the sandy backdrop (the sand being the teeny broken shell type).

It’s mostly shimmer or glitter with a handful of matt shades for good measure. The pans are smaller sized than you might expect (i.e. you might assume these are on scale with MAC but they’re probably about 2/3 of the size). If you wear neutral shades day in and day out then you will love this – there’s a happy blend of the pale daytime easy wear ones and the shimmer/sparkle ones that can let you dial things up for evening.

Then there’s the lip and nail products…


I’ve always said nails are one of my favourite products from Bobbi  Brown and a product that I think maybe is a bit of a surprise as to how good they actually are. But trust me, the quality and application of Bobbi Brown nail colours is amazing – plus they always last really well on me too.

The two nail shades in the collection are Nude and Naked and as is always the case with nudes the differences are usually quite subtle – in this case one is slightly more pink toned and the other slightly more beige toned. The pinker toned of the two is my favourite as it flatters my skin tone a little better.

Lip wise there’s an interesting mix – there are a few lip colours that come with a shimmer finish (coordinate with the eyeshadow palette if you want to go down that route). Shimmer lipstick isn’t really something I’ve gotten along with before as I find that even at their best my lips always look a bit prune-like with shimmer finish lipstick. However, these two shades are pretty and if you get along with shimmer finish then they may be right up your street – the ‘Pink Gold Shimmer’ is my favourite of the two shown. Gorgeous rose gold in lipstick form. The other one is Beige Gold Shimmer and I think would look awesome as a wash over a bold colour to add a bit of shimmer and subtlety.



Speaking of washes over bold colour, this is where I think the Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes lip gloss shades come into play. The gloss in ‘Almost Nude’ is exactly that – so subtle it’s almost totally nude. A very pale, but also very sheer. It just adds a bit of a milky wash to the lips when worn alone. Over another colour though it could just add a softer tone. Perhaps to a super bright pink or maybe orange-red for Summer.

Then there’s the shimmer gloss in Bare Sparkle -another subtle colour but the added sparkle I think makes it a little more easy to wear on it’s own as it adds a little extra to the lips.

All in all this is a very ‘typically Bobbi Brown’ collection that’s just perfect for that easy, breezy, beauty the brand represents. Especially perfect for Summer with these colours that are just easy going to apply, and wear with no worries about touch ups as they’re so subtle they look good on, but if they come off it’s no big deal.

The only thing about the collection being that perhaps the shades of ‘nude’ covered only really work for paler skin – not for darker skin tones. Not that darker skin tones can’t wear it but there’s a point where what is nude on one skin tone becomes a highlight on another, so all about how you adapt the collection for your own use.

Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes * is available now from Selfridges (from £18.50-52)

*PR sample or gift



  1. May 28, 2015 / 10:50 am

    I need that palette… what a beaut! xxx

  2. nueyork
    May 28, 2015 / 11:07 am

    The eyeshadow palette is stunning and full of perfect everyday shades!

  3. May 28, 2015 / 12:09 pm

    I have to admit i have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown! After reading this i definitely need to! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  4. Rachel
    May 28, 2015 / 11:33 pm

    What beautiful products! Bobbi Brown definitely rocks the natural, nude makeup world 🙂


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