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When we first decided to bring a dog into our family, I was made to promise that I wasn’t allowed to dress the dog up in cute outfits/costumes (seriously, how can I have a dachshund and not get a little hot dog costume…). But, a couple of weeks ago Monty and I went down to my favourite interiors store in London (West Elm) as I spotted on Instagram they were having a special ‘pup-up’ day with lots of Etsy sellers displaying their pup-appropriate wares – along with lots of other lovely dogs browsing the store. It’s always dog friendly, so they often have dogs there – but this was extra special as there were even treats located in little bowls around the store. Which Monty managed to sniff out very quickly, being the hound she is…

(yes, she is a she…despite having a boy’s name – the simple explanation being we sort of loved the name before we even found the dog for us, and it stuck… she doesn’t seem to mind). But without further ado… a few suggestions for places to get awesome stuff for your dog.


Whilst there I picked up a couple of items that I just couldn’t resist – from the cute to the slightly unnecessary… but all awesome. Or should that be ‘PAW-some’… ok going too far with the dog obsession there. But seriously, if you have a dog or love dogs you get it…

From the West Elm/Etsy event I picked up a little collar attachable neckerchief from the gorgeous Etsy store Edwyn (named after the store owner’s dog a Welsh Terrier (who is in fact named after the owner’s hero Edwyn Collins!). You can also check out the adorable Edwyn wares every Saturday if you pop down to Spitalfields market too. Or simply visit the Edwyn Etsy store. I went for the turquoise star print with bone design neckerchief as it was a perfect match since Monty was already sporting a turquoise with star print collar…


Whilst in West Elm, Monty met the rather handsome Bruno the mini Dachshund (who rather liked Monty…) who is an expert at sporting a pup bow tie with exceptional flair. So I decided to get her a little disco bow-tie from Pup Tart Handmade. Yep, a bow-tie for a girl. There are no rules, and it sparkles, which is awesome. So there. It comes with little elastic tags so can easily slip on to whatever collar you already have and there’s almost every glitter option you can imagine (plus some less flashy prints too). Of course the bow tie will be mainly for special occasions… IMG_9219



Also, along with the title of probably-most-spoilt-dog, she also has her own little box to keep all her toys and bits and bobs in*. As the lettering clearly explains… this was from a fabulous seller – who have a fantastic partnership with Battersea Cats & Dogs Home where a huge number of items on the site’s pet section also include a 5% donation to the charity. I may also have picked up a personalised dog hoodie for her too…


Just in case that’s not quite enough photos of Monty for you…

IMG_9229 IMG_9215


As you can see she’s pretty happy with her new accessories/storage items… either that or I caught her with the camera pre-yawn…

*Indicates PR sample or gift.



  1. July 28, 2015 / 11:24 am

    OH MY GOSH I WANT HER. x x x

    • Jen
      July 28, 2015 / 12:00 pm

      She’s a bit of a cutie (when she wants to be!) x

  2. August 28, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    Oh that little bow tie is absolutely adorable. In the last photo where she is similing, haha, it melts my heart.

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