Getting figgy with it {Round up}

Fig seems to be the scent of 2015… or the season… or just a scent that people tend to quite like. Either way, it’s certainly a popular one right now with a whole gaggle of brands launching figgy products. So I wanted to do a round up of a few new and not as new ones – so if you like fig then this is the place to be, because today, we’re ‘getting figgy with it’. Oh yes. I went there. IMG_9488

The Body Shop ~ Italian Summer Fig * (£18 – The Body Shop)

It might sound strange to talk about a fragrance that’s all about summer at the end of the season, but that’s actually what’s nice about this scent. It’s got all the fresh sweetness of the fig but also with something nice and warm in there to keep it appropriate as the days get cooler.

L’occitane ~ Figuer & Osmanthus * (£52 – L’Occitane)

If you like your fig on the fresher side rather than sweet then this is the one for you. Combined with Osmanthus it sort of tones down the usual fruity sweetness of the fig and gives it a fresher edge. A lovely light day to day fragrance if you like a hint of fig but not a bucket load.




&OtherStories ~ Fig Fiction * (£26 &OtherStories)

I first wrote about this back in January around the launch of the collection of Eau De Toilettes from &OtherStories – a brand I love – and this is one of the four that has stuck in my ‘regular use’ basket of products. This is probably the ‘coolest’ fragrance of the bunch – in that the brand and packaging is slick and total instagram fodder. This is a very green, fresh interpretation of the fig fragrance.  Probably my personal favourite.

Roger & Gallet ~ Fleur de Figuer eau de parfum * (from £17 – M&S)

Another I have written about before, but couldn’t not include in the round up. The Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuer goes down the floral side of fig and embraces that. Another one I’ve written a full post on so if you want to read more about this then have a little peek over HERE. But this is the fragrance for you if you like the floral side of figgy-life.


The White Company ~ Fresh Fig * (£20 – The White Company)

Along with all these lovely body fragrances, I’ve also included this beaut of a candle from The White Company. Now, it will take some serious beating to create a fragrance I love more than The White Company Seychelles but this was a contender. All the sweetness of fig but with a dose of the fresh side of things too. It combines with one of my all time favourite scents of Vetivert plus a dose of sweet cassis too. So it really does tread the line between fresh and sweet, and this is why I like it. I am generally drawn to fresher scents and am basically a sucker for anything vetivert so I knew I’d love this one on first whiff. I love the idea of my home smelling like this as it’s welcoming but also fresh and clean all at the same time.

Now excuse me whilst I go and lust after everything on The White Company website… why doesn’t my house look like this?!

Getting figgy with it…

So there we have my little round up of figgy fragrances for you (and your home). My favourite thing I noticed from this round up is that there isn’t really a ‘typical’ way to do a fig fragrance – some combine with floral (Roger & Gallet), some fresh (L’Occitane, &OtherStories) and some sweet (The Body Shop). So basically, if you like fig as a note in general, then you can bet there’s a fragrance option for you. My favourites have to be the candle – I am a sucker for a candle – and the &OtherStories offering as they both appeal to my favourite sort of ‘notes’.

*PR sample or gift


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  1. September 10, 2015 / 9:44 am

    I went on a fig fragrance binge earlier this summer and did a blogpost about it! I got the Diptyque Philosykos EDT, Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier, and Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Figue. I’m still loving all three of those scents. I’d really like to try the Body Shop Italian Summer Fig, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it!

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