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I seem to have a whole wardrobe of foundations and bases to test out at this time of year. I wonder what it is about Autumn that seems to be the key ‘launch new foundation’ season for brands?! One of which is this new and actually very original Cover FX Custom Cover Drops foundation. The idea being that this is very concentrated pigment that you can add to any other liquid product to create your own custom level of coverage – depending on how many drops you add into the mix.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Maybe I was having a little blonde moment but it took me a couple of tries to get this to work for me. On the first try I went to blend it in a little with my Laura Mercier Primer (a current daily love) thinking it might be a nice combination that was light and hydrating at the same time. It just didn’t quite work – maybe I got my ratios wrong or maybe I just chose the wrong combination to start with. But basically my first shot with these fell a bit flat and I wasn’t really sure if they were for me.

But I had another go and did something that technically I’m not sure I’m ‘supposed’ to do – as I simply applied my Laura Mercier Primer to the skin and then used a couple of drops of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops with a buffing brush as my base. This time I was impressed. Two tiny drops of this stuff goes a really long way. It really does blend really well into skin and creates a healthy matte finish and feels quite natural. Below you can see before (make-up free – you lucky things you), during (just primer and the base) and after (full face of slap).

IMG_0401 IMG_0404 IMG_0411

Shade wise I’m using N25 which is a good match for my skin tone right now, but thrown off slightly as I had a spray tan last week… so my neck does look darker than my face. But once the tan has washed off it really does match quite well (FYI I didn’t have the spray tan on my face as I had my brows done at the same time and when you tint your brows there’s a risk they would turn green if mixed with spray tan… hence colour difference between neck and face).

Since trying them ‘direct’ on the skin I’ve also tried them with moisturisers and a serum too and whilst it works ok, my preferred use is still direct to the skin after primer. Maybe not technically how they’re supposed to be used – but if it works then I’m fine with it!

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops * available from House of Fraser (£36)

*PR sample or gift



  1. Alice
    October 26, 2015 / 9:24 pm

    This sounds like it’d last a long time! x

  2. October 27, 2015 / 3:57 am

    Apparently these are really good for adding coverage to lighter foundations as well, or for warming up foundation when you’re more tan 🙂

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