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I’ve had this selection of Dolce & Gabbana skin care in my possession since early this year, but I’ve only been using it for a little over a month. Why? Well, it’s rather gorgeous and my shallow self decided that rather than getting stuck in right away I would ‘save’ it for when I moved house and could put it on display in the bathroom and basically make it look pretty.  Which is ace, but of course when it comes to skincare it’s important to put looks aside and go for performance too. So now, a little over a month into using the Dolce & Gabbana Skin Care … how am I getting along?IMG_7522

Well first things first, how did using the Dolce & Gabbana Skin Care range come about? I was invited down to the D&G counter in Harrods to try out a facial from the brand, along side a little intro the range plus a a make-over with some of the cosmetic products. The facial really was lovely, a great combination of a deep cleanse, lots of massage and topped out with a beautiful sheet mask to pack the skin with moisture. I was left with soft, hydrated and glowy skin. So if the skincare range delivered just a touch of this, then I knew I was sold.

But the challenge was that a facial is one thing – an hour of dedicated time spent carefully applying/massaging/removing products to skin naturally leaves it looking like it’s had some TLC, almost regardless of the products themselves (of course this is a generalisation, the products very much do matter but the ultimate test is over time in my opinion rather than the one hit wonder of a facial treatment). Since the facial, I’ve been using a combination of the ‘Essential’ range – the Cleansing Milk, Toner and Eye Make Up Remover. Then for hydration rather than cleansing I’ve been using products from the Aurealux range – the Essence, Serum, Eye Gel and Moisturiser.

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The Aurealux range is described as the ‘advanced skincare ritual’ of five treatments that are all a central part of the D&G skincare range. They feature the brand’s key ingredient ‘Gold Flavo-Silk Tricomplex™’ and use some textures that aren’t run of the mill for sure (think a clear jelly like texture for the eye gel or a translucent white liquid as the essence). The whole ‘thing’ behind Dolce & Gabbana skincare is about radiance and showing that ‘glow’ of being full of life. The Aurealux range are the ‘cherry on top’ products you add on top of your choice of essentials to really give that healthy, hydrated glow.

The Essential Range are the products you can customise a little more – choosing textures you want (cleansing oil, milk or gel) or there’s a cleansing water (micellar water type product) plus a scrub exfoliator or the toner which is an AHA/BHA based liquid to lightly chemically exfoliate after a cleanse. There’s also an essential UV cream with SPF 15 that I haven’t tried – and in actual fact was going to be the only thing I felt was missing from this routine in that I wish the moisturiser had SPF included as I’m currently having to add this on top.

But after just over a month using these pretty much dedicated (I have had a couple of break outs where I’ve been reaching for over night treatments to clear them) my skin is actually in a pretty good place. It was having a bit of a crappy time, looking dull, dry and generally lack luster – which I’ll put down to lack of moisture and bad diet. Product wise, my stand outs have been the Cleansing Milk – I haven’t used a milk for ages and really like it. Lighter than a cream cleanser, but a little more hydrating than my usual gel option. The eye gel is great if you have tired eyes in the morning  as it’s so refreshing and light feeling, but it has taken some getting used to as someone who uses quite a thick/cream eye cream normally. The most ‘unusual’ product has to be the brightening essence – which I was sceptical about but the combination of this and the serum does leave skin feeling – dare I say it – radiant.

All in all, I’m really enjoying using this range. When I first heard D&G did skincare I did have my doubts as sometimes I think brands can be purely trading on name or all packaging no substance. But whilst the packaging looks lovely on the exterior for the D&G skincare it’s actually kept fairly simple – or at least more simple than I expected – with screw tops but no pump dispensers for the toner, essence or eye make-up remover (there is for the milk and serum). That’s probably the only thing I’d change actually, I’d add a pump for the toner, essence and make-up remover. Oh, and add SPF to the moisturiser I’m using!

I think if you have generally ok skin, but want maybe a bit more moisture and a bit more glow then this regime is great. If you wanted to keep it more budget friendly you could use an alternative eye make-up remover as in all honesty there wasn’t a notable difference between this and some others I’ve tried. The biggest difference for me is being consistent and really taking the time to look after my skin properly.

Dolce & Gabbana Skin Care * is available from Harrods (prices from £24)

*PR sample or gift.



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