Video: Make Up Clear Out Vlog

I did a little clear out of my make-up collection recently – these are the things I’ve tested and loved enough that I’ve wanted them in part of my regular collection. So I decided to vlog the process a bit and edit into a video – this is sort of ‘part one’ as I’m going to do a follow up of my regular use products that made it into the new Muji Storage.
Make Up Clear Out

Make Up Clear Out

A few things – the white drawers I use to store the bulk of it are Ikea but I’m not sure if they still do them as I just tried to find them online and couldn’t… but the ones shown next to them on the left are Alex nine drawer ones that hold a lot of my ‘to test’ stuff.

Also, just a note to add here – all the product that I give away, if already used (anything that would be a hygiene risk such as mascara) I throw out. But anything else I donate to charity or give some to friends and family. Most recently I donated a number of boxes to my old workplace who hold a charity sale a couple of times a year to raise money with the latest being held on Friday (18th) with all proceeds going to sport relief. Just in case anyone was wondering – this is also where I donate any products and samples I know I’ll never use as even with the best intentions I know I can’t use it all!

Anyway, enjoy the video and subscribe if you’re keen to see the final make-up daily use stuff that made it into the Muji Drawers!


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