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Post  a fortnight in America and maybe one too many iHop visits… I felt like I was in need of a bit of a detox and beauty pampering session. Along with vowing to eat nothing but steamed vegetables and fish and drink my body weight in water I also got myself into full detox pampering mode. Which tied in nicely with getting myself feeling good for the little heat wave that hit. I was sent a fab kit of detox goodies from Champneys so I could really get into things from detox muds, scrubs and of course upping my water intake. A little run down of the things I’ve been doing whilst giving myself a detox (and this is the good sort of pampering/feel good detox… not the green-juice only diet sort).

Champneys Detox

Scrub Scrub Scrub

One of the top things for detoxing/getting the circulation going is body brushing. One of those things that’s quick and easy to do but really gets your skin glowing. I am a big fan of body brushing but often get out of the habit in winter, so adding in a little body brush to my routine again was ideal timing. The Champneys one is a round flat one with a strap handle which makes it really easy to get a good grip and have a proper scrub of those bits that maybe need the circulation boosting. Hips and upper thighs are being scrubbed to within an inch of their life this week .

I’ve kept the scrub theme going in the shower with the Champneys Good as New Detox Skin Firming Scrub – this stuff smells SO GOOD.The ingredients are all derived from the British coast – with superfood seaweed and recuperative mineral sea salt. It smells amazing.  Definitely not all clinical like some detox products can be. Brings that ‘spa’ feeling and is perfect if you’re looking to get your skin fake tan prepped. I use this one to focus on the smaller areas that the body brush is a bit too firm for – so ankles/tops of feet, knees, elbows and upper arms.

Champneys Detox

MORE water

I go through phases of drinking enough water and barely touching a drop. After the two weeks of more fizzy drinks than H20 I was craving gallons of the stuff. So I’ve been using water bottles to make sure I drink more. I have one that’s a litre and has a little counter that I can track how many I’ve drunk that I use when sitting at my desk (it’s next to me as I type) then on the go I’ve been using a Bobble which is perfect as it filters the water so easy to glug it down without thinking of all the not so great bits in tap water being involved. The combination has really helped up my water in take this past week and I always feel all round better when I’m getting enough water!

Champneys Detox


Pamper style Detox

To really up the game on the detox front over the past week I’ve used the Champneys Detox Hip & Thigh Firming Mud. This stuff is seriously fun to use. Messy, sure – but FUN! I always use in the shower and probably wouldn’t recommend slapping it on the day after cleaning… as you will basically ruin the hard work. But I stand in the shower, put the pot on the shower floor (handily it’s plastic not glass, so less risk of breaking). Then I take a couple of handfuls of mud and slap them over the ‘problem’ areas of my hips (ah gotta love those love handles) and upper thighs. It feels really cool as it goes on and is really thick so doesn’t slop all over the place until you add water into the mix. I’ve been applying to dry skin and letting it do it’s thing for 10/15 mins then rinsing off before going in with the Detox Skin Firming Shower Scrub.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Ok, so not as catchy as Scrub Scrub Scrub but every bit as important in the detox process. After doing all the scrubbing and detoxing you want to make sure you fresh new skin is as looked after as possible and leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. So after all the detox action in the shower I’ve been slathering my limbs with with the Champneys Detox Skin Firming Body Butter. Again, like the Scrub is smells amazing. It has a slightly orange tinge to it but this vanishes on applying to the skin so no fear of looking like you have a dodgy fake tan. To up my game on the moisture front I’ve been double applying this – not something I normally do – and applying before bed at night too. So my skin can soak up the moisture whilst I’ve been sleeping. I’ve really found this has made a difference – especially after my skin is even drier than usual after two weeks of sunshine. Perfect post-holiday detox!

I’ve really loved giving myself a week of detox TLC – for me a detox week is the perfect balance of pampering and ‘really feeling like you’re doing something’ as you feel that bit more invigorated after – and confident to show that bit more skin as the temperatures rise! Perfect prep for that whole ‘Summer body’ thing.

The Champneys Detox range is available now as a ‘Detox in a box’ kit from (£20 – currently on sale for £13.33)

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  1. Mary
    April 6, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    I do love a wonderfully soft body lotion! I also recently came across Button & Wilde on Facebook, who I had not used previously. Having explored their personalised body care range, which can be seen at, I am slowly falling in love. Has anybody else had an opportunity to try their body lotion, scrub and wash?

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