What I wear on holiday

Ok, I’m no style blogger. Nothing changing on that front. But in the spirit of writing stuff that feels like it strikes something with you (rather than maybe writing what you ‘should’ – I thought I’d do a little post about what I wear on holiday. With the whole point being that no, I’m not a style or fashion blogger. What I wear on holiday is driven about 90% by comfort over style and I figured there’s no way I’m the only one out there that takes that approach – so I thought it might be nice to share a few snaps from my recent Orlando and Miami adventures so share what I was wearing and a few notes about how I plan clothes for holiday and outfits in advance.

What I wear on holiday

One of the biggest challenges I find personally is trying to plan clothes that are both comfortable in terms of fabric/to wear and also comfortable in terms of showing skin/body parts that have been hidden for the colder months. I’m not the most comfortable with my body and I can list more areas I want to hide or don’t like than those I do. Arms – want to keep them covered. Stomach – no body needs to see this. Legs – More issues than I can list.

I would absolutely love to be able to sit here and type about finding your best bits and showing them off. I really am a firm believer that you really do need to look at the best and embrace it – but then I can also really relate to that frame of mind right now of ‘there really just isn’t anything I like right now’. Which can make summer dressing somewhat of a challenge.

Style wise, on a whole for holiday – and life – I tend to keep it pretty simple. Jeans and jumpers at home turns into denim shorts and t shirts on holiday. Sure, it’s not revolutionary or ground breaking. But it works and you know what – it’s totally ok to wear simple clothes. There’s no shame in it! Am I going to inspire a trend? Not likely. But I’m ok with that.

One of the favourite new (to me) additions to my Spring/Summer wardrobes is a couple of lightweight shirts in linen or cotton. This is so I can combine something a little less slouchy than a t shirt, with a lightweight fabric that works for Summer. Ideally so I can keep myself a little more covered without getting too hot in Summer heat. Plus the coverage means you can also keep warm if you’re in shade or cooler air con areas – win-win. This sort of cover is ideal for Florida where you hop from sunshine to air-con all the time.

What I wear on holiday


Stripes are pretty much my absolute staple. I probably over did it a little on my recent trip as realised barely a day went past where I wasn’t in some stripes at some point. It’s just a print I’ve always loved and can’t get enough of. It goes with pretty much everything and for a holiday wardrobe I find it works well with so many things. So stripes are basically a go-to for me, from t-shirts to dresses to swimwear. A whole lot of stripe action is happening in my wardrobe.

Another staple for me was my denim jacket – not that the Orlando or Miami weather really needed one. But at night, when we were heading to air conditioned restaurants it was nice to take a little layer with me. Plus handy for journey home to cooler temperatures.

I’m also a big fan of lightweight trousers in summer – either plain or printed – as they’re light and comfortable when it’s warm. But also keep you warmer if it cools down or you head indoors. Plus COMFY. Paired with a simple pair of heels makes them feel that touch more dressed up for evening.


Accessories wise – keeping it simple again – I tend to pick a few key pieces to take when I head to the US. Mainly under motivation of packing lighter so I can do a touch or American shopping and not go over my weight limit.

So for this trip I went for my favourite Abbott Lyon tan strap watch with  an Astley Clark beaded bracelet. Plus a simple gold Accessorize necklace with a J engraved on it – it’s from the Z range and looks way more expensive than it is.

What I wear on holiday


Sunglasses are an ABSOLUTE essential for me on holidays – and any time the sun is out at all really – as I have really sensitive eyes. So I took my two favourite pairs, both from Ray Ban. One Wayfarer and one Clubmaster. The Wayfarers are the ones I wear most of the time and can pretty much always be found in my bag. They’re polarised and just work wonders at protecting my sensitive eyes.


Swimwear and footwear

When it comes to swimwear – I occasionally toy with the idea of a one piece but then usually stick to a bikini two-piece option because I like how I can mix and match top and bottom sizes to get the best fit. The one I picked up for holiday this time was from Fat Face at the airport on the way and I loved the fit of it. The top had a bit of up lift and the bottom fit without causing any over hang so I felt about as comfortable as possible whilst in as little clothes in public. For cover up (as I’m never really confident enough to wander in bikini sans-cover up) I thought this little beach play suit in a tropical print was ideal for Miami. It’s a really light fabric so dries quick and doesn’t matter if it gets wet.

Shoe wise, I kept it all very basic – Havaianas for day to day, a pair of flat sandals and a pair of tan strappy sandals. Plus I had my trusty Converse for travelling in. I did wish I had brought one of my more dressy heels for the nights out in Miami. It’s definitely a place where dressing up for night is encouraged so my super-casual ways are probably not quite up to the glam level of the city. But in hindsight I have a whole heap of more glam clothes and accessories I should have brought with me! I’ll just have to go back!

So there’s a very long winded run down of what I wear on holiday. As I said at the beginning – it’s not that I am a style maven at all – but in my eyes everyone has style, whatever you wear is YOUR style and that’s totally ok. As long as you’re happy and comfortable then you wear your own style with pride.



  1. May 11, 2016 / 7:19 am

    Looking so cool, more style posts!!!!!! And omg!!!! Disney!!!!! Dream trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. May 11, 2016 / 8:17 am

    Really liked this post! I’m prepping for a holiday next month and it’s so easy to get sucked up in the idea that I need a brand new wardrobe, when simple but stylish classics and practical picks are more important. xx

  3. May 11, 2016 / 11:45 am

    Gorgeous photos Jen, you look so happy and relaxed! x

  4. May 11, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    You look fab and I ADORE these photos, you look so happy and lush!

  5. Lynn
    May 11, 2016 / 6:21 pm

    Hi Jen, You look GREAT in all these photos. I love your Ray-Bans. Would you mind telling me which ones you have as I never know which colour lenses to choose and I need to order them online as I don’t live any where near a store to try any on. Thanks xx

    • Jen
      May 12, 2016 / 11:00 am

      My favourite of the two pairs are the Rayban RB2132 in matte tortoise with the green tinted lenses and the smaller size (new wayfarer) in 52-18! Hope that helps. I personally think pretty much everyone suits the wayfarer style but the new style is a little smaller so I find it easier to wear!

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