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Getting my teeth whiter has always been one of those things I’ve toyed with. I’ve previously bought kits or at home products and often chickened out of using them for fear of them making my teeth or gums sensitive. Which is why a trial of Janina Ultra White appealed – as it offers intensive whitening but without any peroxide.  

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I’ve been trailing a two part ‘kit’ from the brand with a seven day strip pack and a tooth paste. I’ll start with the tooth paste and move on to talking about the strips. 

So firstly, the toothpaste – I’m always a bit sceptical of tooth pastes that offer whitening, simply due to to how subtle the changes can be so its hard to notice. I can’t say that I 100% noticed a difference with the paste alone from Janina – but is can say it’s a really lovely tooth paste and feels like when combined with the strips be combination of the two definitely makes a difference. 

On first use I liked the tooth paste as its n ‘extra strong’ mint likes taste. I’ve always been a sucker for mints and those are some of my favourites. I had that strong cleaning feeling to it that I relay want in a tooth paste. None of that gentle or soft mint for me, thank you! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next, the strips and the before/after. 

The strips are sort of gel like strips that you peel and apply to your  top and bottom teeth. The trick to getting them to stick to teeth as closely as possible is make sure they’re dry. A couple of times I didn’t get it quite right on the bottom teeth and the strip didn’t stick properly. They don’t hurt in any way, they just feel a bit awkward. The drier your teeth are the easier they will stick and less awkward it feels. I definitely found the top ones the easiest to do overall – which is ideal as they’re my most visible teeth. It’s also worth noting that the strips do leave behind a gel on the teeth that they say you can risen with water or brush after using. Personally I opted for brushing as felt more refreshing overall.

I took some photos, below to try and gauge the before and after effects so you hopefully don’t just have to take my word for it on the whitening effects. Both are taken with me holding a piece of white paper under so you have a sense of ‘scale’ and consistency. They’re both taken I all natural light on the same camera as slightly different times of day, but other wise very consistent.

Whitening Teeth

On the left we have befor and the right is after. I think there’s definitely a reduction in the yellow tinge to them. 



One thing that I really noticed about the strips is how it makes an instant difference to how bright your teeth are. Which is great if you’re using them for an event or occasion of some form. I’d definitely recommend having a 7 day try of these and see what a difference it makes. It’s best to combine the strips and the paste for maximum effect. 

I have the feeling these would be best when used ongoing to maintain the newly pearly whites. Maybe brush with the paste every day and then use the strips once a week too. 

Janina is available from boots 

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