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It’s so easy in today’s instagram world to sort of forget about how nice it is to have a ‘real life’ photo of something and put it in a frame so you can see that snapshot of a memory on a regular basis. When we moved house one of the things I did to prepare was get a whole host of my favourite snaps printed out on various sizes so I had a whole bunch just ready and waiting to be shared all over our new home. Fast forward a year (a year today in actual fact, since we moved) and it has really dawned on me how vast a task decorating really is and whilst it very much feels like home. I know it’s going to take a while to really get the house ‘finished’ as such with our decorating wish list all ticked off.


But aside from my ongoing frustration of not having millions in the bank to be able to do all that NOW. Also known as ‘real life’… I thought I would start posting a few more little detail bits and bobs. Starting with how I’d added a few new details to the living room and some splashes of colour.


I go through real phases with colour, where I swing from totally obsessed with brights to wanting calm neutrals. Which is why we’re generally going with white and grey as a backdrop through the house and then using more ‘changeable’ things to add (or take away) colour.

Our living room is still pretty far from done – we have all the pieces of furniture – give or take a side table or so. But I’m still really keen to change the carpet for wooden floors, repaint it white and replace the light fittings. Oh, and we currently don’t have curtains because I decided to steal them for the office instead… SO a few bits to do. Generally sticking to the blue/grey theme I already showed in THIS blog post. But I decided at the start of Summer it might be nice to add some more tones and shades in there. So I threw in a few splashes of sunflower yellow. Mostly with cushions so far but most recently I’ve added a couple of gorgeous frames from Postcards Home* – a gorgeous homeware and gift store that has a lovely selection on unique and brightly coloured pieces. Amazing for gifts or adding little touches of unique colour to your home. From cushions to tea towels or tea cups. They have a bit of everything. I included the images of the package that arrived above too as it was just so gorgeously wrapped it really felt like a personalised gift. A lovely touch.


ANYWAY. I waffle (it happens). Back to adding these to the room. When I saw them on the site I knew they would be perfect for our living room as the colour combination was great and I loved how they have a hand made tile effect. The print has that sort of slightly imperfect feel to it that gives it loads of character. I chose one blue and one yellow to compliment the shades in our living room.

Then came time to select a photo to go in. I decided to go with one of Ollie and I, taken the day after our wedding eating fish and chips in Cromer. Yes, those are children’s buckets – I ordered TWO kiddie meals because in a tired yet elated state I couldn’t decide between scampi and battered sausage so went with both… they’re served in the buckets with spades and this basically pushed me over the edge of joy. Too much happiness. I just love how happy we both are in that photo and was such a lovely memory I wanted to put it up. Then I chose a photo from our engagement shoot (taken by the lovely Katherine Ashdown) on the beach at Wells-next-the-sea (bit of a Norfolk theme going on here…) it was taken back in June 2014 (day before my 30th birthday in fact) and I just love it. Ollie holding Monty when she wasn’t even six months old. She’s such a cutie and he really does adore that pup. We already had a shot of me with Monty on the beach so was a nice touch to have one of Ollie too. Now we just need to get Willow to the beach and snap some with her too!

We have three narrow white Ikea bookcases in the living room. Two of which are stacked with books and one a little less so, so I’ve taken to use this as more of a ‘shelfie’ opportunity to display some of our favourite bits and photos. I love that these new frames that have more of a travel souvenir feel to them sit alongside some more metal/modern frames to contrast.

Now, just to find places for the many other photos of favourite memories I want to display! I think a gallery wall may be in order.

Picture frames * from Postcards From Home (£20 each)

Yellow cushions from H&M Home

*PR sample or gift



  1. September 3, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    You have a beautiful home!! Amazing post


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