Seasonal Switch Up – Autumn Beauty

I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. In life and in make-up! So in between googling local yoga classes and other hobbies I want to explore and try I have been switching up my beauty routine a little. I’m very much a fan of keeping it simple so you’re almost never going to see me showing a countour-heavy routine in action. For me, I want make-up to be something that doesn’t take long but makes a speedy difference to how awake/alive I look. Which means a couple of things when I switch things up. Firstly that some things will always stay constant – when I like a foundation or concealer I stick with it. A couple of years ago I was switching things up all the time and ended up with piles of products that were used a few times before I tried something else. I’m not a fan of doing that any more so have changed to sticking with things I like – if that means I don’t get to try as many products, then so be it.


The other things that me switching things up means is that I tend to go through phases. So at the moment I’m in a phase of minimal foundation/make-up on my skin. Lots of mascara for dark lashes and a bit of black liner plus either just some balm or a darker lip colour. Purely depending what I feel like. The minimal foundation mainly comes down to the fact I have a few freckles still showing from our Antigua trip, so I like to let them show through rather than mask over. Then it’s because of the fine lines around my eyes – I find that even with my favourite concealers or foundations – they look great at first but as a day goes on I look more tired. Keeping my skin as natural as possible really does avoid this for me so is my (current) preferred option.

So for this look the two main ‘new’ switch ups are 1) Brows and 2) Lip Colour. Both of these are TOTAL love. I’ve actually already blogged the brows as they’re my new favourite thing. They’re not a product, but I had the micro bladed – which is basically a nicer way of saying I had my face tattooed. Which sounds scary, but is actually not as intimidating as a ‘proper’ tattoo at all. For someone with pale (almost invisible) brows it really has made a world of difference. You can read all about them in detail on the microblading brows in Hertford post but any questions at all just let me know and will do my best to answer them.


Then, the other switch up is about as cliche as Autumn Beauty can get! Adding in a dark berry lip. This is one of the new Armani Lip Magnet shades in 601 Attitude. Which is a good name as I do feel like i’ve just slicked on a dose of attitude when wearing it. It almost doesn’t feel like me with the pale blonde hair, darker brows and the dark lip, but I like it. So there we have my Seasonal Switch up for Autumn.

How are you switching up your beauty routine for Autumn?

What I used:

Dior Diorskin Nude BB (an oldie but re-discovered favourite), Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, Benefit Ready Set Brow (all I need to keep brows in place post-microblading), Chantecaille HD Perfecting Bronzer (a 2016 daily player), Armani Lip Magnet in 601 Attitude.

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    • Jen
      November 4, 2016 / 10:02 am

      Thank you! I love how just switching one thing can change the look so much!

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