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I love a personalised gift. Something really thoughtful. I also love a gift that’s really straight forward and easy to sort out! This little present idea is a perfect mixture of both. If you have ever been part of a Hen Party or big birthday where you’ve been part of trying to organise a personalised photo book for someone, collecting images from lots of sources and uploading them one by one, then laying them out and making sure all the details are in there. It’s a bit of a headache. Whilst the end result is always really lovely, the process could be easier!

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MySnappBook is an app that makes the whole process from upload to order SO simple. You can easily sort a personalised photo book in minutes and have it arrive on your doorstep a day or two later. The app links to your photos on your phone – so as long as you have the images you want all saved there then all you need to do is log in, select your cover image and then pick up to 20 more and voila. The book is ready. You can add a cover title and a personalised message inside and that’s it. Ready to go.

Of course my first though… as a dog obsessed person … was to create an album with some of my favourite photos of my two sausage dogs Monty and Willow. OK, so I know you have to be a dog person to appreciate this but they’re SO cute. So I chose twenty of my favourite images of each of them – some I’d posted to Instagram and others from my own album and it all just worked so well. Even to the point of the ordering all just worked. There’s white space around each photo so you could go further and add little hand written comments to personalise it even more. Plus it’s only £11.99 for the photo book, which is really reasonable (and includes delivery costs too) but you can get 50% off if you use the code BEAUTY50 so an absolute bargain.

The delivery is fast too, so you have more than enough time to order before Christmas. Beyond just collecting pictures of your beloved pets (ahem) you could use it to share a little portable photo album of baby’s first year, your favourite wedding day photos, highlights of 2016, photos from an amazing night out. I have one on order that I’ll be sharing when it arrives too that collects a series of race photos from Ollie’s various Iron Man Triathlons and Marathon runs – he’s done so many and just leaves the images saved on a computer. I think it’s such a nice thing to be able to print them out and have proper copies of them. Then he can go through and make a note on each on of the date and even his finishing time so he can track progress!

There are endless ways you can create a little personalised pressie for someone. The other bonus is that the finished book is small and lightweight so easy to pop in the post – or you could even have it mailed directly to the recipient if you wanted to. I like this idea as a stocking filler, imagine pulling the most hilarious family photos together and printing one out for everyone at the Christmas table to have a giggle at before Christmas dinner?! Or even baby photos and play a game where people have to guess who is who at a party! SO many options, you can really get creative with it!

If you want to order don’t forget to use the BEAUTY50 discount code so you get 50% off your book! I’d love to know what you go ahead and order. Keep an eye out on my Twitter & Instagram where I’ll be sharing some peaks at some of the ones I’ve created!

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