Three Beauty Brands to Try in 2017

With the wealth of brands out there now and new ones launching left right and centre it’s no wonder that there might be ones you haven’t heard of or perhaps just  haven’t gotten around to trying since they have become easier to get your hands on in the UK. This post is a little look at a trio of brands – some with well-known names but new to the UK and some lesser known. All three are ones I think would be well placed on your ‘must try’ list for 2017. With some product highlights I wanted to share too from each one – the specific products from each brand that I feel are the top picks. Of course I haven’t tried *every* product from each brand, there’s only one of me! But from what I have tried there’s one that’s jumped out from each as an OMG this is ACE moment. Anyway, enough rambles – on to the three brands to try in 2017. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Winky Lux – available from ASOS (from £13)

Winky Lux has a cute name, but even cuter products. These flower lipsticks are the perfect example. Yes, these are transparent lipsticks (well, lip balms really) with a little flower suspended in each one. The balm itself is one of those colour-adapting ones so will add a little touch of moisture and a wash of colour. But lets face it, you’re really going to buy these because they’re pretty. And yes, probably for the Instagram too. This is a trio of the flower balms, each with a different flower and tint to the balm all housed inside the bright pink and gold packaging and comes in a little gold pouch too. HOWEVER – the product that I think it worth a must-try is the pretty Light Box Strobing Cream. A creamy sheen that’s a golden bronze and adds a gorgeous glow to highlight cheekbones! Absolutely beautiful and pale enough that you don’t have to have a tan already to add a bit of glow. There’s also eyeshadows, lip gloss and a range of lipsticks from bright blue to pretty corals. A quirky brand with instagram-ready products!

Kat Von D – available from Debenhams (from £16)

Ok, so a brand name you maybe know but might not have tried yet. Maybe the tattoo and studs packaging has you thinking the brand isn’t for you? Well, I’d like to put this out there that it’s one of the best brands I’ve tried in the past year. A couple of true stand-out products have to be the Tattoo Liner. This stuff is the BEST black liner I’ve tried if you want a solid black slick that WILL.NOT.BUDGE. The liquid lipsticks are lovely too, I’ve been wearing the classic Lolita (above) for the past few weeks and love the browny-nude shade as it makes me look immediately like I’ve made an effort but not overdone. Personally I’m not into a contour but I’ve heard good things if that’s up your street. The Studded Kiss lipsticks are really gorgeous too – full of pigment and really unique packaging. I can’t help but feel like a bad ass when I use one of these. My favourite being the ‘Backstage Bambi’ hot pink shade. The must-try products? The Tattoo Liner and the lip products without a doubt.

Kat Von D has been widely available stateside but only launched exclusively into Debenhams in 2016 so if you haven’t managed to give it a whirl yet, add it to the brands to try in 2017 list! img_3154

Marc Jacobs Beauty – available from John Lewis (from £15)

Marc Jacobs Beauty sort of quietly launched in the UK, first a small selection in Marc Jacobs boutiques, then Harrods and now it’s gone full launch into John Lewis. It surprises me that it wasn’t a bigger fuss when it very first launched as the main buzz came back this Summer. Regardless, it’s now MUCH easier to get your hands on it and this is something I would 100% advise doing in 2017. The range is beautiful. All the products are gorgeously packaged and more than just a pretty case the insides are lovely too. AND there are some real gems in there. The Marc Jacobs Air Blush blusher shades are gorgeous – sort of like a three in one with two colours that you can use alone or blend so you essentially get three colour options from one product. The mascara is incredible and the nail varnishes are like shiny pebbles you just want to hold in your hand. The list of products to try from Marc Jacobs beauty is almost impossible to narrow down – personally the one on my list to try is the eyeshadow palettes – but ones I have tried and recommend are the Air Blush and the Velvet Noir Mascara (you can read a review of this one here if you like to know more).

Which of these three brands have you tried or is on your to-try for 2017 list then?! Any other lesser known brands you want to get your hands on in the New Year?

Products mentioned provided as PR sample or gift.


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