FIVE: Ways to stay safe in the sun

Sun care is something we all know about, but sometimes can’t quite get right. We can be so accustomed to our iffy weather – in the UK at least – that anytime the sun decides to shine we go into total denial about all we know about the risk and just throw caution to the wind and bask away. I think one of the biggest challenges with anything around sun care is to make sure there’s a balance between taking care to protect yourself but also acknowledging the truth in the fact that we enjoy spending time in the sun. Trying to strike a balance between those two things is no mean feat.


I’m excited to be partnering with the sun care brand Ultrasun for a takeover week where I’ll be really focusing on sun care. Ultrasun have a ‘no nag’ approach to sun care offering a range of products to suit lifestyles so you can easily slot it into your skincare routine ,even replace your daily moisturiser with it, yet still be fully protected from those ageing (UVA) and burning (UVB) rays.  Great options to make sure you can stay as safe as possible whilst enjoying the sunshine at home or abroad.

1. Apply sunscreen BEFORE you go outside (& plenty of it)

I’ll put my hands up and admit this number one point has usually been the mistake I have made in the past. I’ve learnt now to basically replace my daily body lotion with SPF when on holiday. Doing this means I give the SPF plenty of time to absorb into skin before braving the rays of the sun.

Getting the volume of product right is something that is very easy to get wrong. My approach is apply at least twice as much as seems enough. So you think one pump for your forearm? Apply two. I either do this by doubling up the amount as I apply OR I would recommend the double layer approach, especially if using a spray as it is easy to miss bits. Where you do one coat of the body and then follow with another to ensure all areas fully covered and protected with plenty of product. But do make sure the first coat is fully absorbed on your skin before applying anymore.

2. Cover up your danger spots!

Over the years I’ve learnt I have a few ‘danger spots’ or areas I tend to miss or not protect properly. I now make sure these are the spots I either apply cream to first. These areas are spots I’ve tended to end up a bit pink in the past and wanted to avoid it happening again. They include the spots right around the edges of my bikini or swimwear. Spots that tend to get missed when making the mistake when already out in the sun – a way to get around this is apply naked all over before getting dressed – as helps missing spots when you try to avoid getting product on your clothes.

When in quite intense sun there are also spots I make sure I cover up – shoulders and head with a coverup and hat. I also make sure I reapply to the tops of my feet as they can be really prone to burning. Pay special attention to hands to – they’re out all the time and can often get overlooked!

Ultrasun have a dedicated product especially for hands that’s perfect for year-round protection: Hand Anti-pigmentation 30 (£18)

hand 2

3. Hydrate from the inside out!

Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out means you’re in the best position to keep your skin from becoming dehydrated by the sun even quicker than it would anyway. Drinking lots of water through the day can really help just make sure your skin is prepared and ready for the onslaught of rays – lotion to protect from the outside and water to help from the inside.

4. Throw some shade

No, I’m not saying throw shady looks or master the ‘resting bitch face’. I mean embrace the shady side of life. In particular when the sun is at its peak from 11am-3pm. Anything that helps just add a little shade – a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, finding a shady spot. All of these things can work a treat at helping protect yourself from the sun.

Personally – being fair skinned – I tend to opt for the shade in general. But the thing I cling on to is that just because you’re not in the direct sun doesn’t mean you totally miss out on the glow-giving properties. But by preventing the peak and going too extreme in sun exposure you stop your skin from going into trauma and allow your tan to progress slowly and get  a nice bit of colour over time that will last longer.

Opting for an SPF that includes ingredients to help skin develop a colour (naturally, not fake tan) such as the Ultrasun Tan Activator range means you can stay safe but still get a bit of a sun kissed summer look.


5. Don’t underestimate the Sun

Different locations have different levels of intensity when it comes to sun exposure. Sunning yourself in the gorgeous Caribbean will of course be different to walking down your local high street. However, spending eight hours outside on a sunny day in the UK can leave you at as much risk of a burn as a few minutes in more intense heat.

Anyone who maybe ended up with a pink nose or shoulders after a day in the park in the UK, or burnt knees after a BBQ in the garden, will know this first hand. The sun in the UK can still cause a burn and should be protected against. One of the biggest risks are those areas you sort of take for granted. The ankles that you might expose every day when the weather is that bit warmer – sometimes that slow and steady exposure can be worse than intense one off exposure.

Choosing the right level of SPF for the situation you’re in can be tricky – there’s a fantastic guide on the Ultrasun website that helps you calculate the level of protection you can expect for your skin type at each SPF value they offer.

Ultrasun guide to choosing your ideal SPF value for your skin type:

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Suncare week is sponsored by Ultrasun



  1. May 3, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    Sunburn is honestly one of the worst things ever! It always tends to happen to my light skin even when I put suncream on. But the worst is scalp sunburn because you feel like your head is on fire! There are loads of shampoos and sprays to help with preventing that, so you don’t have to go to desperate measures to find a soothing cure after the event. Powdered sunscreens are great for avoiding stickiness as you simply brush them on the hairline.

    • Jen
      May 3, 2017 / 11:02 pm

      So true, I’ve been burnt on my scalp in the past and it’s so horrid! I didn’t realise there was such a thing as powdered sunscreen!

  2. May 10, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    I’m always so surprised with the lack of knowledge/ignorance that people have with sunscreen and sun protection. For example- people who don’t mind getting burnt because it’ll turn into a tan! Or people who are fair skin (like myself) and go to the Carribean and think that applying sunscreen once in the morning and not reapplying after swimming or after a few hours won’t cause them harm. This is great- no matter how many articles there are about sunscreen and protection, I feel like it’s not enough!

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