My Pet Story – How having a dog changed my life

I always promised myself I wouldn’t become that ‘crazy dog lady’ when I got a puppy. But I think it’s safe to say that three years on – I’ve well and truly broken that promise. Having a pet – small or large – can really change your life. It’s crazy to think how two small dogs can make such a huge impact on your life and change it so it’s barely even recognisable anymore – 99% in a good way.


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Having a dog is a big commitment, I’d never tell anyone otherwise. I will never sugarcoat having a dog at all. It’s not an easy thing to so. Especially if you haven’t had a dog before. It can take a lot of adapting and getting used to. What I will say is that in my opinion it’s well and truly worth it.

How having a dog changed my life:

The amount of unconditional love and affection you get from a dog is incredible. See… I told you I’m lost to the crazy dog lady land. But how do they change your life? There are so many ways, for myself (and Ollie of course) adding a dog to our lives was the first little step in changing so much. Monty came into our lives in 2014, the first year I started working for myself. It was actually a point in my original business plan which essentially read like this:

– Quit job

– Get dog

– Be happy

I know, an extensive, professional business plan and DEFINITELY the basis for total girl-boss success right?! Well, not to blow my own trumpet but I successfully ticked off all three business plan points… soooo I’ll just give myself a big old pat on the back right now.


So Monty came home to us as a tiny puppy and from then on our lives were different. So was my schedule as I had this small fluffy thing to consider in my day to day plans. Juggling walks in the local park and dashing to meetings, not leaving her too long and taking her up and down the stairs to our flat each time she needed a wee… I’m not going to lie. Trying to potty train a puppy in a flat… not the easiest.

Eventually we decided we needed a bit more space and ideally a garden. Essentially, Monty was a major catalyst for us moving house and out of central London. She was a huge consideration when we were looking at gardens – are they secure and Monty friendly. I think it’s safe to say that moving house because of your dog is a pretty significant change…


Then when we moved, a few months down the line we started to consider a second dog.  I’ve told the story of Willow on the blog before and how we got her via Dogs Trust (a favourite charity of mine and I love what they do). The change from one dog to two was overall easy. But having said that, the first few days were hard but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Willow is SUCH a special dog and I adore her so much.


Because there are two of us, each dog sort of ‘favours’ each of us. Monty always wants to follow Ollie everywhere and snuggle as close as she can to him and Willow is my little shadow. The excitement you get from both of them when you get home (even having only been out for five minutes), the looks in their eyes and the silly things they do or get up to. Never fails to amuse. Honestly, just the pure love that you get from your pet that basically means you will do anything to keep them happy and safe is worth every change, compromise and even the occasional EUGH frustration moment.

Yes, having a pet is life changing.  A big responsibility and commitment – anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing. But boy is it worth it.

One of the key responsibilities of having a pet includes making sure they’re insured – both Monty and Willow are (and have always been) insured by PetPlan Pet Insurance. Monty came to us with ‘handover’ insurance from the Kennel Club breeder which we continued and when we brought Willow into the family we added her too. It’s always been affordable and allowed us to customise the cover level to suit circumstances. So it was a pretty perfect fit when PetPlan approached me to tell my own story of how having a pet has changed my life. Plus an excuse to share lovely photos of my dogs. Pretty much my favourite thing to do. Ever.

This post is sponsored by Petplan Pet Insurance but all thoughts (and dog obsessed rambles) are my own.



  1. November 23, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story, Monty and Willow are the cutest! 🙂

    My partner and I live at the Antwerp marine, so it would be impossible to have a dog running free, here. We’re looking out for a nice house away from the city, with a garden and enough room … for a dog. My parents have always been cat people, so I’ve been planning to get a dog ‘as soon as I leave the house’ which has been 10 years now, haha. #fail The conditions have never been great for a pup, so still procrastinating. In the meantime we serve as an occasional pet hotel for friends and family.

    So I do really understand that you moved house for Monty. I don’t find that ‘crazy dog person’ at all. It’s just you guys getting the best for your family. <3

  2. January 31, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    I loved reading this! I too, am a crazy dog mom so it’s amazing to be able to relate so much!

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