Jo Malone Christmas 2017 – Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant Cologne

If there’s a brand that nails the whole ‘festive’ thing year after year it has to be Jo Malone. Every year the brand do something that manages to be just as lust-worthy, be it full-on traditional British Christmas theme or something a little different like this years ‘Crazy Colourful’ theme for the  Jo Malone Christmas 2017 collection. I love it – it’s given me a new found love of coloured Christmas fairy lights when I was strictly warm-white only before. In fact it was Jo Malone that was the inspiration behind my mini office Christmas tree!


ANYWAY, I digress. This post is all about one of the stars of the show for  Jo Malone Christmas 2017 – this years very special edition is Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant Cologne – and it’s a festive little bottle of fun. All housed in a gorgeous matte millennial pink bottle with a white lid and that signature label in an alternative of white and green print. It’s a stand-out design and couldn’t be much further from the red/gold/green type shades of traditional Christmas gone by.

But more importantly, what does it smell like? Well – this is the one that’s tricky to properly describe. I’d go simple and just say it smells lovely – it’s light and a little sweet, but not too sweet at all. The green almond takes the edge off a bit and makes it softer to wear. The redcurrant is sweet but with a little sharpness to it. It manages to be a little bit festive but not so much that people would be confused if you smelt of this in May.

It feels like it’s a little stronger than the usual Jo Malone scents and really lingers on skin. It’s one I can still smell after hours of wear. The added note that’s not part of the name – sandalwood – gives the whole thing a bit of a base that’s not too feminine. Which is probably why I love it, as I tend to lean towards fragrances that aren’t too sweet or floral and love notes like sandalwood or other woody or powdery touches.


Yes, it’s a tricky one to properly describe and as with any perfume it’s so subjective it really is worth going to have a little smell of it for yourself if you’re tempted to try it. But I have a feeling you will like it! If you tried the other recent launch of the English Oak & Redcurrant then this is likely to appeal to you too as there are some similarities – it’s like a more festive version.

This is of course just a little taste of the Jo Malone Christmas 2017 collection – they have brought back the amazing Orange Bitters scent from last year too (which is a more traditional festive scent if that’s more your thing) plus a whole load of gorgeous Jo Malone ‘Crazy Colourful’ gift options. All with bold patterns and colour combinations. They also have a stunning candle version of the Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant fragrance – housed in amazing green and pink packaging.

Well, you know my view – Jo Malone is the perfect ‘if in doubt’ gift. Always brings a smile to my face and I’d always be delighted to find a little Jo Malone treat in my stocking!

Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant Cologne available from John Lewis (£94)

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  1. December 12, 2017 / 11:37 pm

    I absolutelly love the packaging! It’s so cute!

    Olga from Myme

  2. Heather
    December 13, 2017 / 3:21 am

    Such cute packaging! Loving the pink and green combo. I’ve never tried anything from Jo Malone before but heard such great things about the brand especially about their candles.

    Heather xox ||

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