Pregnancy Diary: Hello third trimester

Well, that seems to have crept up on me?! How have I gone from those early weeks of feeling pretty crap to in the ‘final countdown’ stage already?! I was quite enjoying the second trimester and it definitely lived up to the ‘honeymoon phase’ of pregnancy. I had very little in the way of negative symptoms, more energy, appetite was back and generally felt like a version of myself that was just getting gradually a little fatter than I was before. Then before I knew it I was checking my pregnancy tracking app and low and behold I’m at 28 weeks (actually almost 29 by the time I’ve nearly finished writing this).


I’ll be honest and say it’s pretty daunting how fast the time seems to be going. It seems only a few weeks since I was telling family about being pregnant and now being in the ‘final countdown’ as such. Overall so far I feel I’ve been very lucky in terms of symptoms and generally being well. I had a few weeks of a chest infection that wasn’t great fun as I couldn’t take anything to ease it and some bad heartburn. But in the greater scheme of things the second trimester has been *touches wood* plain sailing. So much so that I needed a bit of a prompt to pull this update together so have picked a few of the guide questions out to follow that ideally I’ll do for these last few weeks when I update. With the obligatory pre-ramble of course.

28 Week Pregnancy Update:

How far along: 28 weeks – day 7

Days until due date: 78 days

My bump: Definite bump showing, to me it feels huge already and some days it looks bigger than others.

Weight changes: Actually not sure on how much of a change but think it’s around +15lbs change.

Stretch marks? Nothing so far. Applying a variety of lotions and potions to do my best to make it stay that way!

Cravings: Nothing specific, just more of a sweet tooth than usual in general.

Sleep: Varies – some nights I sleep solidly. Other times I just feel I can’t get comfortable at all. Using a varied selection of pillows as support!

Symptoms: Heartburn at night, which I’ve been trying to manage with Gaviscon but I’ve had a few nights recently where it’s been so bad it’s made me sick so going to book in with the GP to see if they can prescribe something to help.

Best moment this week: Christmas! It’s been so nice to have family all around and makes me excited for the thought that next year will be baby’s first Christmas, hopefully surrounded by family too!

Worst moment this week: Generally feeling a bit less capable of doing things than I feel I ‘should’ – getting out of breath or a bit light headed when doing normal things hasn’t been fun.

Miss anything? I do miss my normal clothes when all the sales offers have landed and there’s so much lovely stuff but unless it’s elasticated, bum-friendly or oversized then I know there’s no point in purchasing for me right now. Hence why I’m shopping for things like baby bits or carpet cleaners!

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, I plan to do a post on my hits and misses of maternity wear so far. I don’t plan to buy much more when only a few months to go I think I have enough to see me through (apart from maybe another pair or two of maternity leggings…).

Movement: Lots of it! Baby likes a wriggle and I find it fascinating to see my belly move with the firm kicks or wiggles! Mainly evening/night/morning when I’m most still. But on an off through the day too.

Gender: We know but haven’t put this online at all yet! Let me know if you want me to share a gender reveal soon!

Belly button in/out: In but getting dangerously close to not being. Which worries me more than it should as I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about my belly button and hate it being touched. So the idea of it popping out does make me squirm!

Wedding Rings on/off: On but I do take them off at night as tend to swell a little overnight.

Mood: Pretty consistently content and happy. Surprisingly calm and stable considering the hormones no doubt going a bit bonkers!

Looking forward to: Our appointment at John Lewis to get seriously planning some baby bits and doing some shopping!

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  1. Jane
    December 28, 2017 / 5:45 pm

    Yes to a gender reveal…..that’s if you want to share. X

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