Clarins SOS Colour Correcting Primer Collection – NEW

A little peek at a new launch from Clarins. A new range of primers all designed to tackle colour correcting and other complexion issues. A bit of dullness? There’s now a Clarins SOS Colour Correcting Primer for that. Bit of redness – there’s a Clarins SOS Colour Correcting Primer to help. Which is good because I have a TONNE of redness going on right now – which is a joy.

I have a trio of the collection here – there are six shade options in total that can each be used alone or combined with each other in case you have a mixture of challenges on different areas. For me I have redness in particular on my chin and nose. But could always do with a little brightening so could combine them to even out and brighten all over.

The three shades here are:

Green – For redness

Lilac – For brightening

White – For radiance

Texture wise, they’re light and blend easily. Of these three I’ve used the green one to counter redness and it works great as a base for foundation – smoothing out and I’ve found that the areas that tend to show redness that also tend to be the spots that my foundation tends to wear off off earliest (well, either that or they’re the ones which I have the most discolouration so they show the most?!).

I’m going to try the radiance one alongside the new primer from Charlotte Tilbury that promises radiance and is a similar white shade. I’m keen to see how they compare on the skin and under foundation.

The three other shades are Rose (for fatigue), Peach (to minimise imperfections), Coral (to even overall complexion). If you would like to see all six shades in action then pop over to the lovely Really Ree who has the full Clarins SOS Colour Correcting Primer Collection shade range in action to show you.

I think I got pretty lucky with the trio of options. I’ve been sent to try out actually as they’re the key ones I would pick for my own personal skin concerns. With redness number one!

What do you think of the idea of CC primer products – is it something that appeals or would you rather use concealer type colour correctors for any balancing issues with your complexion? Or just leave it to foundation?

I like the idea of it but would most likely stick to one (most likely green) to tackle my main concern rather than faff with multiple primers?

Clarins SOS Colour Correcting Primer Collection – available now from Selfridges (£26.50)


  1. January 29, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    These look incredible! You wouldn’t happen to know if these are non-comedogenic would you? xx

    Maria | The Chic Pursuit

    • Jen
      January 29, 2018 / 10:20 pm

      I’m not sure but will try to find out!

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