Being an adult & preparing for the unexpected #LifeAsYouKnowIt

On a day to day basis, I tend to be in a bit of denial over the fact I am an adult. In my head I’m still maybe 19 and pretty carefree. In reality, the fact is I am now married, have a baby on the way, am responsible for two dogs, have a mortgage and run my own business. All the practical signs pointing directly towards the fact I am in fact, an adult. With adult responsibilities. Which is fine, so far I feel like I’m not *totally* failing at life, things are going pretty well. I’d even go so far as to say I’m doing a good job with this whole ‘adulting thing’.

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Probably the biggest moment for me in terms of really realising that despite living in denial, I am in fact a responsible adult is finding out I was pregnant. Not that exact moment – that was mostly a combination of surprise/happy/slightly freaking out. But as the weeks passed and we started to get into practical planning mode, it really brought home the financial planning side and how this is something to consider. When working for yourself (either as a sole trader/freelancer or running your own Limited Company) there are things that you might take for granted a bit in full time self employment. Sick leave and maternity pay being two of the more obvious examples.

This post isn’t specifically about those things as such, but more about preparing for the unexpected and protecting yourself financially in case things get in the way of living your life as usual happen. Being pregnant was the first moment it really made me think about it beyond the sort of ‘oh yeah, that sounds sensible I should do that’ thought. As all of a sudden, it’s not just me or my husband we need to consider. But this new little person who we are totally responsible for. It’s a daunting prospect and I’m not just talking night feeds and explosive nappies. It’s more that it really makes you think about the ‘what ifs’ of life a bit more than my inner care free 19 year old has done before…

Which brings me on to the very much in the ‘adulting’ category of topics – Life Insurance. I know, maybe not *quite* as exciting as talking about the latest Tilbury lipstick launch. But let’s face it, if something bad happens and I can’t work for a few months then there’s not going to be any posts about those lipsticks either and more importantly – how on earth will I pay my bills?! So no, perhaps not as exciting – but pretty darn important and not something to be overlooked if you want to continue doing this whole ‘adulthood’ thing.

A pretty scary stat from the Post Office that the average UK family could only afford to sustain their lifestyle for 46 days – less than two months – if something happened that meant they lost their income. With 1 in 4 (24%) not feeling like they have any sort of contingency in place if they lost their income for 4 weeks. Jumping to 36% if you’re talking about 6 months or more. Scary thoughts really and it’s one of those things where you can just cross your fingers that nothing bad happens and hope for the best OR you can do the more responsible adult thing and get something in place that offers you protection if it does. Which is where Life Insurance comes in.


Now, I am not in anyway a professional financial advisor and what sort of cover you take out is completely down to your own personal circumstances. But Life Insurance is one of those things that goes hand in hand with taking on those big life moments and commitments. Because these things are important and you want to do what you can to protect them against those unforeseen things. As much as we wish we could see the future at times – there are so many things that will always be out of our control and I know for one. I want to protect those material things both Ollie and I have worked hard for and really value and now with a baby on the way it’s even more vitally important we make sure there’s security for our child if the worst were to happen. As with any sort of insurance really, you might have it and pretty much hope you never have to use it. But in the moment when you need it, you will be SO grateful that you do.


You can find out more about Life Insurance from The Post Office – including some handy tools to give you an initial idea of what sort of cover you might need relative to your own circumstances.


Post sponsored by The Post Office.


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