A postcard from Dreamland, Margate

Last week I got to visit the Instagram-destination-du-jour that is Dreamland Margate. I was there with my pal Zoe who had been invited to check out the new collaboration between Mi-Pac and Tatty Devine. It’s a match made in practical, colourful heaven! Pulling illustrations of the most famous Tatty Devine products and making them into a selection of size and shapes of Mi-Pac bags. Including the famous Sausage Dog print and the Gin Bottle… both of which being my firm favourites. I’ll show you the bag I was gifted in the post but along with that I have a whole host of Sunny seaside shots I wanted to share.

It was a gorgeous Summer day in the middle of the heatwave (does it count as a heatwave when it’s been give or take all Summer?) and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than beside the seaside. I’d slathered on some SPF50 and the sea breeze meant it wasn’t quite as stifling as the same day in London. All in all, it really was the perfect place to spend a sunny day. Checking out all the rides, enjoying a virgin mojito. So damn refreshing. Plus some tasty food and hanging out with a fab colourful group of other blog and instagram types. It was a fun day and I can wholeheartedly recommend paying Dreamland a visit if you get the chance – especially on a sunny day!

Dreamland, Margate has been a seaside destination for years but previously had been a bit un-loved and run down. Until it was given a boost of investment and a makeover and having now been I can see why Instagram types are heading there by the bucket load. If you love colour then you NEED to visit. So much, everywhere you look. I felt like a big kid for the day. With highlights for me being the Roller Disco and the Big Wheel. Just look at the rainbow joy!

I now have roughly 5,354 photos on my camera of the blue sky and the colourful big wheel… but I am a sucker for colour. Which is probably why the Mi Pac and Tatty Devine lot chose this as the destination for the launch as both brands really embrace colour and it was the perfect setting. Below is a shot of the large zip up hold-all I was gifted on the day trip. Honestly couldn’t be more handy when I seem to be carrying more and more each day. Having also taken to carrying Eleanor in a harness wherever possible I am fast starting to resemble a packhorse… My bag features the Lobster, Gin, Watermelon, Banana, Sausage Dog, Tiger and Gin illustrations that Tatty Devine is known for. All on a large practical (wipe clean, FYI) bag. Perfect for a weekend or even longer if you pack light away… or you know, popping out for half an hour with a baby in tow. Either way…


I just loved all the rainbow colourful details at Margate. It just felt like a happy place to be. I’d have loved to explore more of the town too. Apparently it’s a gold mine for vintage clothes and has a few legendary places to get cake… let alone the fact that it should be pretty much illegal to visit the seaside without getting fish and chips?! Hopefully will go back one day. It was a gorgeous day and just the baby-free break I needed! 


Dreamland Margate

The #MiPacxTattyDevine collection is online now (https://www.mi-pac.com/all/+tatty-devine)  with prices from £21.99 (washbag) to £44.99 for the larger rucksack. I have the Weekender bag with the Characters design in case you’re wondering from the shots.

Dreamland Margate

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If you’re thinking of visiting Margate then you can find out more about Dreamland: https://www.dreamland.co.uk/

I was a guest of MiPac & TattyDevine (well, technically I was Zoe’s plus one but they welcomes me with open arms which was lovely!) Thanks for having me on an ace day at the seaside!



    • Jen
      August 7, 2018 / 3:22 pm

      Candyfloss is the best! If it wasn’t for the fact i want to keep my teeth I’d eat it daily!

  1. August 8, 2018 / 9:46 am

    My mother in law just suggested this place and it look so beautiful. Not far from London either. Thank you for your gorgeous photo, I’m going to suggest this to my husband.

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