iCandy Peach Moonlight Review

So I may have been reviewing lipsticks and the like for years, but it’s fair to say reviewing a pram is *sort of* out of my comfort zone… However, I’m going to give it a good go as purchasing a pram for your first baby is probably one of the biggest buys you make before baby arrives. So if you’re considering the iCandy Peach Moonlight as your options I want to give you a thorough overview to help decide if it’s the right one for you.

iCandy Peach Moonlight

The first place to start when choosing a pram in my opinion is taking a realistic look at what you do (or think you will be doing) day to day when baby is here. For us, the biggest consideration was making sure it was suitable to fit in the back of our car as well as sturdy enough to take on dog walks. We have the two sausage dogs (if you’re a regular reader you will know this) so whilst we do go on dog walks daily, they’re not exactly hardcore rough terrain. So a pram that was happy to tackle some slightly bumpy ground but mainly path and grass was ideal. It needed to be light and easy enough for me to fold up and put into the car and get out easily. Plus have some storage space so I can put Monty in when she’s tired fit some shopping/stuff to carry in the bottom.

Colour wise, I wanted something neutral as initial thinking is that this could be the first of maybe two kids so having a pram that works beyond any trend or traditional gender lines is ideal (I am now not sure if second child is on the cards TBH – but that’s another topic all together). The colour of the frame of the iCandy Peach Moonlight is the thing that won me over on this edition as I love the darker metallic black frame. Combined with darker grey fabric with some navy piping. I love the colour combination and as shallow as it sounded, having a pram that looks good was a priority.

I tried to explain this to Ollie during the process of hunting for our pram as in the shopping sessions we did (we did a store session with John Lewis and highly recommend to anyone expecting their first child) he was leaning towards options with maybe a few more bells and whistles on them as prams. But to me, they didn’t look even close to as nice. I wanted something I felt good pushing around. Of course it had to be the right fit function wise, but for me up there on priorities had to be that it looked nice too.

Deciding on list of priorities is one thing. Other things that helped steer us in our pram selection involved becoming a bit of a pram spotter. When I started out I couldn’t tell my iCandy from myBugaboo but I knew that I was more ‘drawn to’ some pram styles than others. I even went as far as asking (well, actually my sister asked…) a lady in Cote Brasserie what pram she had because it looked lovely. More often than not, the ones I was drawn to were in the iCandy family. There’s something about the frame design that I just think looks quite stylish and modern. It looked rugged without being clunky and generally just ‘fit’ my taste.


On looking at the prams in store (I looked at the selections in John Lewis, Mothercare and Mamas & Papas to get an idea of brands on sale and styles). The final decision of the iCandy Peach was made as it was a travel system pram. Meaning you can use the lay-down cot (for up to around six months old), the sit-up pram option plus you can use adaptors (which we purchased seperately) to click your car seat on to the same wheel base. Something that’s been very handy rather than always needing to carry the full pram around.

The base itself folds up and down really easily. Is light enough I can lift into the car with no issues. When using just the wheels it doesn’t take up too much space. However, with the lay-down pram option it does get quite bulky. But this is the same for almost every pram out there for that newborn-six month age range. The stroller and carrycot both have rain covers that come with the product. Plus height adaptors for the carrycot base. For the first few weeks I didn’t use these and did get a little frustrated at how it wasn’t easy to use the basked underneath when the carrycot is in place. But silly me, I didn’t realise that it comes with the adaptors that lift the cot up and forwards and make the basket perfectly accessible. So would recommend using those – it does ever so slightly increase the overall length of the pram with the carry cot on. But is worth it for the base to function easily.

iCandy Peach Moonlight

The thing I like most about the pram overall (beyond how it looks good) is how it’s very simple and intuitive to use. Simple buttons for adjusting, simple break, just all round not complicated. Which id what you want whilst your brain is thinking about around a thousand other things like ‘do I have enough nappies, where did I put her sun hat, do I really need three change of clothes for a half an hour outing??’

Now, nearly five months of use into life with a baby and the iCandy Peach Moonlight as our primary pram I can say it’s a great all rounder. It’s sturdy but not too bulky. Easy to use and feels really well made. It isn’t the lightest or the smallest – but that wasn’t what we wanted or needed for our everyday pram. We wanted something that works for walking in the park and getting out and about. We have plenty of room for storage so small/compact wasn’t a priority. I would say the iCandy Peach Moonlight is a sturdy, well built pram that I know will last for years to come. We’re just about considering switching from the Carrycot to the pushchair option as whilst Eleanor isn’t quite at the six months mark yet. She holds her head up well and generally enjoys looking around when we go out – which is where the carseat can be handy – but she does also nap well in the lay down carrycot… So we’re at a bit of a crossroads right now. But I am looking forward to popping her in the pushchair and seeing her enjoy looking out at what’s around her as we go for walks and run errands!

iCandy Peach Moonlight

iCandy Peach Moonlight is available from John Lewis (pushchair option – £780)

iCandy Peach Moonlight pram provided for review. 


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