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I feel like that the title of ‘personal transformation’ is sort of hyping myself up before I even explain the full context of this post. But please bare with me whilst I explain a change I’ve been making since the beginning of the year. But before that, a little back-story context…


Exercise has been something that has been in and out of my life in waves. I know I need to do it, but it’s not something I truly love without feeling like it’s a real uphill battle. I’ve gone through phases of being really positive and doing it consistently (I loved doing Barry’s Bootcamp & regular Power Plate classes) and I’ve also gone through (long) phases where it’s been last on my list.

Through pregnancy and in the early months of being a mum, it certainly wasn’t a priority. To say the least. I went easy on myself both exercise and food wise. Which at the time felt like the right thing to do.

The whole idea of trying to ‘get back in shape’ just wasn’t on my radar. I mean, it’s a bit of a stupid expression really, what shape am I getting in? Triangle? Oval? Squiggle? Whilst it wasn’t on my radar for a long time, I also knew that not being very active and eating a staple diet of jaffa cakes and coke zero wasn’t leaving me feeling all that great. My usual pre-pregnancy clothes felt a bit too tight and more and more I was deciding to ‘go up a size because I like a looser fit’…

I should probably add here that actual weight and dress size isn’t my main measure of feeling good. It’s more about being able to wear and feel good in the clothes I have.

But to put it simply. I wasn’t feeling good, I wasn’t feeling confident in myself. Combine those feelings with the many other post-baby adjustments and challenges. I knew I needed to take some positive steps to make a change.

Which as I’m sure anyone who hasn’t exercised regularly for a long time will tell you… is much easier said than done. I know what I’m like when it comes to these things and I am often more likely to say things than do them when it comes to healthy changes. However, at the same time I also know that when I want to do something, there’s not much that will stop me.


So I came across something that caught my attention on Instagram. The #motherfit8weektransformation – Michelle is a local (Hertford based) personal trainer who focusses on working with mothers. Being a mother is not an exclusive thing at all, but her classes etc are baby friendly etc. Her other specialty is the 8 week transformation programme. The transformation is so in demand you can’t just sign up, you have to apply! Having had a good stalk of her Instagram and seen the incredible before/after images I decided it was just what I needed. An intensive kick up the bum to exercise and overhaul my diet. So back in November 2018, I applied and a few weeks later was told I had a spot alongside two other women who would be following along with the transformation programme with me.

So early January 2019 rolled around and we kicked off an eight week transformation process. Right now as I write this, it’s Friday night ahead of the ‘final’ Saturday. I write final like that because I’ve actually confirmed I want to sign up to another eight weeks. Which says it all for me really.

Edit: As I get ready to post this I’m actually a week away from completing the 16 weeks of the double transformation…

It’s been hard. There’s been days it took every ounce of energy just to get out the door and get there. There’s been tears (let’s just say running up hills in January isn’t my thing). But at the same time it’s been fun (not the burpees, they’re always hell). It’s been exhausting. I’ve loved getting to know the other girls in my group.I feel I have more energy. But mostly, I feel like I’ve made a huge change to my life. Exercising regularly as much as it’s a struggle to get myself out the door at 8pm on a Monday night to go and work out, but overall it’s been really SO good for me.

The biggest challenge for me has been the diet side. Whilst I’ve had good weeks and less than perfect weeks, I have definitely turned a huge corner in terms of simple things like portion control, healthier choices and better balance. I’ve eaten a hell of a lot of chicken and veg over those first 8 weeks. I’ve even ignored a portion of (frankly delicious looking) chips when right in front of me. If that’s not a transformation then I don’t know what is.

I haven’t weighed and tracked my food perfectly every single day for the whole 16 weeks, especially as there are times that it’s tricky at work events etc. But when I haven’t been able to weight & measure I’ve just tried to make healthy decisions. I didn’t have a sip of alcohol or a single Coke Zero for the past 8 weeks. Honestly, the booze I can pass on but boy do I miss that cool refreshing fizz of my caffeine fix…


I originally decided I wanted to write this ahead of tomorrow (*I wrote this originally ahead of the first big check in at the first 8 weeks) as I wanted to try and capture the feeling before I know the results. I already know it’s made a difference. I feel stronger. I know I’ve lost weight. I also know I’m not done yet. Right now I’d say I’m back to around where I was pre-baby, but only weight wise. I know I am fitter than I was pre-baby now.

Right now I feel good but I know I have more progress to make. Which is why I signed up for another 8 weeks. What I’m hoping for over the next 8 weeks is to continue eating well. Whilst also allowing a little more breathing room with the diet to allow for a few of those real-life moments like celebrations and social time where perhaps I will have some chips… or I might stick to the side of broccoli… Who knows.

I’m interested to see the before and after photos (I haven’t see the before images myself yet) and see the final results for this 8 weeks of intense change.

The overall Motherfit programme has made a huge change to my day to day lifestyle. As well as the 3x sessions with Michelle and our group each week, I’ve also been aiming for another 3 sessions a week on top. How many and what style I’ve managed each week has varied but I’d say on average I managed two sessions a week on top of the Motherfit training ones.

One thing I’ve done consistently is a Sunday night yoga class that I absolutely love. It’s not really something I would class as a workout as it’s more of a slow, relaxing class. But every single class makes me feel amazing. It’s like a session of therapy or something. I really love doing that every Sunday night as it feels like the perfect way to sort of wind-down the weekend and clear my head for the week ahead. I would definitely say I have fallen in love with yoga this year.

As I said above, no it’s not easy at all. But it was 100% the right thing to do and has helped make some amazing positive changes. I can’t wait to see where I get to after 16 weeks of this routine. Even with some slightly more relaxed days. The sessions and healthier diet alone will still keep making a change. It feels good and I am proud of myself for doing it as I truly know how easy it is to stick to your comfort zone and the sofa life.

Update: As I check over this post ahead of putting it live I wanted to add a further update. As things stand I’m still going, I know it’s improved from the first 8 weeks but I also want to keep going. I want to keep making progress although going forward I’m dropping down to 2 training sessions a week plus taking a class or two of other things. Plus my lovely yoga sessions too.


I feel like I’ve genuinely had a huge personal change and yes, a transformation. Outside and in. I know, it probably sounds cheesy but the difference it’s made to me has been huge. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, happy to wear some of my favourite clothes and all round – I feel good and I think it shows on the outside.

If you’re local to Hertford and perhaps feeling how I did towards the tail end of last year then I can’t recommend the transformation enough. No, it wasn’t easy and whilst 8 weeks is a relatively ‘quick’ time frame, it’s not an easy quick fix. You have to give it all you can to see the results. It really is a case of what you want and how much you want it.


Personally, I am SO proud of the changes I’ve made. It’s not just across my fitness side of things. I feel like the workouts give me some ‘me time’, gives me some balance in other areas of life. All round, it’s made a difference that I am beyond happy with.

For total transparency – the Motherfit programme (both 8 week sessions & any ongoing PT sessions) have all been paid for by me and I’m under no obligation or expectation of posting.

For more information on Michelle & her Motherfit programmes you can have a look at her website: motherfit.co.uk

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  1. April 23, 2019 / 1:38 pm

    You look amazing Jen! Positively glowing, and I’ve noticed you’ve been looking trim and healthy in your Insta photos recently too!

  2. Emily
    April 24, 2019 / 6:47 am

    Well done to you! You definitely should be proud of yourself, it’s a huge achievement!

    Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx

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